Over 190,000 Unregistered Teachers to pay for KNUT, KUPPET Membership; New fee Required

Knut through Teachers service commission to compel non unionisable teachers to begin paying an agency fee for enjoying the benefits of their negotiations with TSC such as salary increases and other benefits

There are more than 190000 teachers in secondary schools and primary schools who are not associated to any union that is not in kenya National Union ot Teachers, Kenya Union of Special Needs Education or in Kenya Union of Post Primary Teachers but still enjoy their services including CBA

The agency fee gives The Kenya National Union Teachers hope for survival as it has not been receiving agency fee since June 2019 it fell out with the employer

The Knut will now bank its hope on non-unionisable Teachers to fund its operations which been halted due to lack of money. The labour relations Act of 2007 provides the employees who are not trade unionists but benefits from terms of employment negotiations by the union in a CBA should be deducted an agency fee.

According to the Kenya National Union of Teachers constitution, all teacher who are non-unionisable members of Knut to pay agency fee of 2% of their basic salary to enjoy the fringe benefits of negotiated Collective Bargaining Agreement.

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This 2% deductions on the basic salary will be a big blow to the 172,000 teachers who left Knut due to its bad blood with the employer.

Agency fee is a requirement of the labour Act 2007 so the Knut secretary General has urged members to join again the union to benefit from its negotiations

The Kenya union of of Special Needs Education Teachers (KUSNET) will charge non-unionisable members agency fee of 1.45% of the basic salary of teachers who benefit from its negotiations with the employer sch as the awaited CBA 2021-2025. The members of KUSNET who are yet to join the union are 7,000 teachers.

The Kenya union of Post Primary Teacher’s constitution states that the agency fee of 1.8% of basic salary should be charged on teachers who benefit from its negotiations with the employer. The union has been receiving agency fee of 3000 teachers in secondary who are benefiting from their CBA.

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