Most Marketable Teaching Subject Combinations in Kenya(TSC)

Among the many degrees of study at Kenyan universities and colleges, Bachelor of Education courses are considered to be on-the-job course with little or no postgraduate degree.

Some graduates are employed by the Teachers ’Service Commission, (TSC) immediately after college. Others end up coming as teachers at competing private schools such as Aga Khan Academy, Sunshine Secondary School, Brook House Academy, Kenya International School among many others.

Getting a job at such institutions does not depend on the university or college you attend, but it does depend on the quality of your study and the availability of opportunities; the lucky ones can do it with a combination of highly competitive titles.

All you need to remember is that although teaching is a marketing activity, not all hotcake combinations are; Career information and advice on careers is essential when choosing a combination of subjects for which you can be involved in teaching.

Combined topics for sale are available both at Bachelor of Education Arts or Science. Also note that in order to choose a course to study in your area, you should have received at least a C + (C plus) from your high school performance in that subject – a law passed by the Teachers’ Service Commission.

Prior to the enactment of this TSC law, a student can go to college, pursue an Education Course focused on getting a D grade or even a very bad degree. Learning well in subjects teachers who did not choose in their high school education is also possible.

Note that the topics we will discuss below are current and recent combinations in the market. This is likely to be the case until 2024.

A combination of topics becomes hotcakes or is sold out when there is a problem or a complete shortage of teachers in that area of ​​professionalism across the country. Other academic art genres such as History and CRE for example were once among a combination of TSC top-selling topics back in 2014, and thus saw more teachers getting jobs through TSC.

Sufficient teachers in the area have forced many students to go to colleges and universities to study in the area. This explains why History and CRE are so crowded right now (not even getting 2014 jobs for graduates). A similar case occurred with the merger of Business Studies and Mathematics.

The combination of Business Studies and Mathematics was a hotcake because many teachers chose to seek banking jobs and leave teaching positions. Many students as a result have joined Business and Mathematics classes and are obviously flooding too. Currently, the Teachers’ Service Commission employs 2016 graduates in the profession, leaving the graduates unemployed.

Here is a combination of the 10 best marketable TSC subject combination for thinking about quick job selection:

  • Agriculture and Biology
  • Biology and Chemistry
  • Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Computer Studies on any topic
  • Geography and History
  • Geography and Business Studies
  • Home Science and any
  • Mathematics and Computer Studies
  • Mathematics and Physics
  • Physics and Chemistry

Now that they are aware of the hotcakes available in the teaching profession, students are therefore advised to work hard in their chosen subjects and throughout the grade to ensure that they are not excluded by the TSC teacher selection procedures. We wish you the best of luck in your teaching career.

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