KNUT Secretary asks TSC to Pay the CBA money to the 100,000 teachers or be ready for war

The Kenya National Union of Teachers, KNUT has issued a stern warning to the Teachers Service Commission, TSC to brace for war if 100, 000 teachers who were denied pay rise for the last one year do not get their dues this week.

The Commission is expected to conclude the last phase of the 2017-2021 Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA this month. This will reflect the final installment of the Sh 54 billion CBA that was to run for four years since 2017.


However, KNUT affiliated teachers have been sidelined from the pay rise since the union won a court case against the implementation of Career Progression Guidelines, CPGs currently being used for the promotion of teachers.

To comply with the court order, the Teachers Service Commission, TSC decided to run a separate payroll for KNUT members hence blocking any benefits from the lucrative pay deal.

Speaking to The Standard yesterday, KNUT Secretary General Mr. Wilson Sossion said the union was running out of patience and would therefore not allow their members to miss out on the upcoming pay rise.

“We have really been patient. I have become a gentleman far too long. I am ready for war,” Sossion warned.

Justifying its decision, TSC explained that it decided to run two separate payrolls to avoid disadvantaging teachers who are not KNUT members.

“One payroll for KNUT members under schemes of service and the other for non-members of KNUT under Career Progression Guidelines, CPG,” said TSC Boss Dr. Nancy Macharia.


Unlike KNUT members, all KUPPET members have benefitted from the CBA since its first phase in July 2017.

With the final phase of the current CBA set to be rolled out this month, it is still not clear whether KNUT members will benefit from the current CBA.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC yesterday remained mum about the upcoming pay rise refusing to offer any finer details on which teachers are set to benefit from the deal.

If these teachers are not included in the final phase of the CBA, they would have lost a total of Kshs 20, 000 in excess.


By the end of July, chief principals who fall in the highest cadre will earn between Sh 131, 380- 157, 656. These principals who fall in Grade D5 currently earn between Sh 121, 814 and Sh 157, 000.

Senior Principals on the other hand in grade D3 will earn up to Sh 104, 644 per month. Deputy principals in grade D2 will earn sh 91, 041 up from the current sh 87, 000 while those in D1 will earn sh 77, 840 up from sh 74, 703.

Headteachers, deputy heads, and senior masters in grade C5 will earn Sh 62, 272 while tutors in grade C4 will take home Sh 52, 308 up from Sh 51,632.

Teachers in grade C3 will earn between sh 43, 154- sh 53, 943 up from a salary range between sh 41, 343-sh 51, 927.

Senior teachers, secondary school teachers, and P1 teachers in special schools in grade C2 will earn sh 34, 955 up from sh 33, 971.

Session said that KNUT teachers cannot continue losing salaries. He was backed up by his KUPPET counter-part Akello Misori who said that all teachers should benefit from the current CBA

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