Simplified procedure on how to Withdraw from any Teachers’ union through the TSC T-Pay Platform

Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has introduced a new tab on its online system to enable members who wish to leave KEWOTA, KUPPET, KNUT and any other Social Outfit to do so willingly.


Save your TSC payslip! Follow this simplified procedure to withdraw from any teachers’ union through the TSC T-Pay Platform and avoid unwarranted multiple union deductions

In June 19, 2019, a section of Kenyan TSC employed female teachers lamented over ambushed deductions emanating from the newly founded KEWOTA union

According to the affected female teachers, the TSC T-Pay portal had failed to protect their salaries from unauthorized deductions by KEWOTA.

This article seeks to provide a step by step guide on how TSC employed teachers can withdraw from KNUT, KUPPET or KEWOTA to avoid unnecessary multiple deductions.

Is it a must for a TSC employed teacher to join a union?

I know that this may be the big question racing through your mind right now especially if you have ever been deducted union dues without your consent or if you are “green” having been recently employed by the Teachers Service Commission.

My honest response is that unions are  necessary  in your life as a teacher.
They come in handy when things go south that is when you have been interdicted or charged in a law of court.

The unions can extend their protective wings to shield you from the hailstones.
However, you do not need to be a member of all the three unions-KUPPET, KNUT and KEWOTA simply because their roles are more or less the same.

Some of the roles that Teachers’ Unions play include:

1. Uniting teachers from all walks of life in Kenya and providing a forum for co-operation.

2. Improving Kenyan teachers’ welfare 

3. Aiding members in professional and legal matters.

4. Forging for improved terms and conditions of service for teachers and promoting the interests of teachers.

5. Settling disputes that may pop up between their union members or between members and their employer that is the Teachers Service Commission, TSC.

6. Working with other unions, bodies, societies and organizations within or outside Kenya.

7. Participating actively in the process of policy formulation in matters of education.

How to withdraw from unions (KUPPET, KNUT or KEWOTA) through the TSC online T-Pay Portal

If you would like to therefore avoid unwarranted union deductions from your TSC online payslip, follow these simplified steps to withdraw:

Follow these steps;

Step One: Log In to The payslip portal using this link:

Step Two: Go to (Third Party Self Service Module) as shown below

Membership withdrawal from Teachers’ union

On clicking on 3rd Party Self-Service Module, a window that shows information of running transaction details including Deduction Type, Amount, Balance, Ref Account and Status as shown below:

Membership withdrawal through TSC T-pay

Step Three: The next thing is to identify the union you want to withdraw your membership from. If you want to withdraw from lets say deduction type 2, then under the Status box, put a tick as shown above(arrow 1).

Step Four: Select STOP Transaction.

The process is complete.

NOTE: Once a teacher has quit online,ensure you send a hand written letter to TSC for filing

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