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KNEC; KCSE results to be Released Today

KCSE 2020/2021 Results Set to Be Released any time from now.


The CS of Education Magoha in an interview today has apologized for not releasing the KNEC Results 2021, today. He said that due to the Examiners’ strikes that has been ongoing, Marking of papers was delayed hence the results will be out by 12th may 2021.

The marking of the Kenya National Examination of Secondary Education K.C.S.E was to ende on Wednesday with the pre-announced test results to be released on May 10th.


However, the latest details are alleged to have appeared in the Associated Education Gazette of a stakeholder meeting held this morning indicating that the CS through the Department of Education Professor Magoha was intending to release the exams on Friday, May 7th, 2021.

According to this publication, Prof. Magoha had promised Kenyans that the exams will be released at noon despite the announcement made ealier that they can be expected to be released on 10th May.
As this announcement was made, Prof. Magoha made it clear that a few cases of exam irregularities were experienced in the 2020 KCSE.

To reassure education stakeholders during the meeting, who raised the issue of non-compliance with the exams, Magoha said all those involved in exam malpractice if found guilty, stringent action would be taken against them.

Teachers who marked the tests put down their tools claiming low marking grants despite the difficult conditions in the marking centers.
One of the examiners for fear of anonymous harassment expressed disappointment with the way KNEC had handled his issue.

Inspectors who complained about the reduction of some of their grants without consultation accused KNEC of ignoring the risks teachers took to mark KCSE documents during the Covid-19 epidemic

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