KMTC Principals’ Contacts/ Numbers and Institution Emails

The Kenya Medical Training College is a state Corporation under the Ministry of Health entrusted with the role of training of the various health disciplines in the health sector, to serve the local, regional and international markets

Below we’ve provided you with the numbers and emails of all Principals in  campuses across the country

KMTC Campuses And Their Contacts

BOMET BENSON MBATI KONDO P. O. BOX 76 – 20402, LONGISA [email protected] 020-2008531 /020-2008532
BONDO JOHN KANDIE KURUI P. O. BOX 473-40601, BONDO [email protected] 0202584683/0707207841
BUNGOMA ELIZABETH W. NDURA P. O. BOX 54 – 50200, BUNGOMA [email protected] 0768188210/0768188209
BUSIA DR. ANTONY O. RADOL P. O. BOX 970 – 50400, BUSIA (K) [email protected] 0746538142
CHUKA SAMUEL K. NDUKANIO P. O. BOX 641 – 60400, CHUKA [email protected] 0790286488
CHWELE JOSHUA OMOLO OTULA P. O. Box 112 – 50202, CHWELE [email protected] 0722325882
ELDORET BENSON MUNYOLI P. O. BOX 520 30100, ELDORET [email protected] 0700108164
EMBU DR. CALEB MUTUA P. O. BOX 923 -60100, EMBU [email protected] 0791573515
GARISSA HABIBA ABDI IBRAHIM P. O. BOX 167- 70100, GARISSA [email protected] 0715623150
GATUNDU MUTUA KINYAO P. O. BOX 770-01030, GATUNDU [email protected] 0797645717
HOMABAY DOMINIC N. NAMASEKE P. O. BOX 512 – 40300, HOMABAY [email protected] 0202416914/0732502032
IMENTI SAMUEL NJAGI P. O. BOX 111 – 60206, IMENTI [email protected] 0202416914
ISIOLO AGNES M. LINUS P. O. BOX 844 – 60300, ISIOLO [email protected] 0792307336
ITEN NATHAN MASENGELI P. O. BOX 103- 30700, ITEN [email protected] 0797527676/0202103103
KABARNET FLORENCE AKOTH OLOO P. O. BOX 401 – 30400, KABARNET [email protected] 053-21151, 0202414122
KAKAMEGA DR. JEREMIAH N. NGOMO P. O. BOX 535-50100, KAKAMEGA [email protected] 056-20332
KANGUNDO JOSHUA MKOJI PO BOX 1121-90115, KANGUNDO [email protected] 110068647
KAPKATET ABEL ONCHIRI P. O. BOX 35-20214, KAPKATET [email protected] 0772383228/0774383228
KAPENGURIA EZEKIEL KANDAGOR P. O. BOX 576 – 30600, KAPENGURIA [email protected] 0207855985
KAPTUMO PROMINA KAVINYA MUIA P. O. BOX 149 – 30304, KAPCHENO [email protected] 0700887843
KAREN DR. PERIS KIBET P. O. BOX 24921, NAIROBI [email protected] 020-2055687
KARURI AMOS KIPSUMBAI P. O. BOX 765-00219, KARURI [email protected] 0795542643
KILIFI MR. ALEX  M. DECHE P. O. BOX 95-80108, KILIFI [email protected] 0797129320
KISII SARAH C. KOECH P. O. BOX 1165-40200, KISII [email protected] 0797129320
KISUMU MARGARET A. ODIDI P. O. BOX 1594-40100, KISUMU [email protected] 020-7855002/0708668923
KITALE JAMES K. KOSKEI P. 0. B0X 3187-30200, KITALE [email protected] 0758848201
KITUI DANIEL  N. ONSATE P. O. BOX 711, KITUI -Fax 22030 [email protected] 0777360229/0791360229
KOMBEWA MARGARET K. JUMA P. O. BOX 11 – 40102, KOMBEWA [email protected] 0784820887
KURIA LIVINGSTONE MUYONGA P.O. BOX 41-40413 [email protected] 0740694237
KWALE KAVWA SAIDI MWAKARIBU P. O. BOX 324 – 80403, KWALE [email protected] 0110097319
L. VICTORIA GABRIEL K. MANYARA P. O. Box 2268-40100, KISUMU [email protected] 0202584613/0759061689
LAMU JOHN MUTUNGA KAINDI P. O. BOX 28 – 80502, MOKOWE – LAMU [email protected] 0769912286
LODWAR RACHAEL N. LOMECHU P. O. BOX 126-30500, LODWAR [email protected] 020-8018398
LOITOKITOK RONALD W. WASIKE P. O. BOX 101-00209, LOITOKITOK [email protected] 0735427438
LUGARI KENNELDY K. METTO P. O. BOX 156 – 30106, TURBO [email protected] 0705429240
MANZA MR. JOSPHAT MUTISO P. O. BOX 837-9100, MACHAKOS [email protected] 0798 -931792
MANDERA OMAR  A. OSMAN P. O. BOX, 7 MANDERA [email protected] 0711872244
MAKINDU MS. LUCIANA KALOKI P. O. BOX 127-90138, MAKINDU [email protected] 0110003423/0110003414/


MAKUENI CATHERINE A. OMASAJA P. O. BOX 198-90300, MAKUENI [email protected] 0706037168
MACHAKOS MATHEW KIPTURGO P. O. BOX 1155-9100, MACHAKOS [email protected] 044-2221305
MATHARI FLORENCE W.  MAINA P. O. BOX 46028-00100, NAIROBI [email protected] 020-2391315
MBOONI GRACE AMENYA PO BOX 153-90133, TAWA MAKUENI [email protected] 0714297888
MERU GLADWELL NGANGA P. O. BOX 1484-60200, MERU [email protected] 064-3132537/0794673190
MIGORI DR. PAUL C.  MUSANGO P. O. BOX 58-40400, MIGORI [email protected] 0725792981/0728312305
MOLO DANIEL M. AYIENDA P. O. BOX 426-20106, MOLO [email protected] 0706239456
MOSORIOT MARION W.  MWANGI P. O. BOX 31-30300, MOSORIOT [email protected] 0700817357
MOMBASA DR. MARSELLAH OGENDO P. O. BOX 87946-80100, MOMBASA [email protected] 0775369543
MSAMBWENI PRISCILLAH JILANI P. O. BOX 16-80408, MSAMBWENI [email protected] 0772414558
MURANGA EVERLINE M. NYAMAI P. O. BOX 888-10200, MURANGA [email protected] 0110048773
MWINGI EVELYN K. NJERU BOX 232-90400, MWINGI [email protected] 0732405209
NAIROBI JOSEPH MUGWANG’A AHOMO P. O. BOX 30195 NAIROBI [email protected] 020-2081823
NAKURU JOHN OTINDU ANYIRA P. O. BOX 110-20100, NAKURU [email protected] 051-2211905
NYAHURURU EZEKIEL  KOMBECH P. O. BOX 1037-20300, NYAHURURU [email protected] 0740345739
NYAMACHE JEDIDAH A. KWEYA P. O. BOX 52 – 40203, NYAMACHE [email protected] 0780217946/0741956686
NYAMIRA WALTER ODHIAMBO P. O. BOX 574-40500, NYAMIRA [email protected] 0799197793
NYANDARUA JUSTUS M. KIOKO P. O. BOX 751-20303 [email protected] 0110007157
NYERI DANIEL  K. KIMWETICH P. O. BOX 466-10100, NYERI [email protected] 0796759944
OTHAYA ZIPPORAH W. NJERU P. O. BOX 411-10106, OTHAYA [email protected] 0110002434
PORT REITZ DR. JACINTA N. MUKONZO P. O. BOX 90219-80100, MOMBASA [email protected] 020-2023763
RACHUONYO EMILY AWINDA P. O. BOX148 – 40222, OYUGIS [email protected] 0748034396
RERA BEN WAFULA  SIMIYU P. O. BOX 126 – 40139, AKALA [email protected] 0770565181/0770565183
SIAYA ALICE M. WAGUNDA P. O. BOX 465-40600, SIAYA [email protected] 0748032675
SIGOWET GEORGE TIBI P. O. Box 46 – 20200, SISIOT [email protected] 0716268536
TAVETA DR. JESSE K. GICHEHA P. O. BOX 300 – 80302, TAVETA [email protected] 0703175257
TANA RIVER JOHN KARIRI MUKUI P. O. BOX 22-70101, HOLA [email protected] 0110096924
THIKA DR. JOSEPH K. KARANJA P. O. BOX 729-01000, THIKA [email protected] 0778191304/0701446218
UGENYA GLADYS N. MOTENDE P. O. BOX 13-40614, SEGA [email protected] 0754283897
VIHIGA MUGAMBI K. HELLEN P. O. BOX 1111-50300, MARAGOLI [email protected] 0722602512
VOI FESTUS M. LWAMBI P.O. BOX 18-80300, VOI [email protected] 0705751103
WAJIR JAFFER S. MOHAMED P. O. BOX 670 – 70200, WAJIR [email protected] 0768335767
WEBUYE LUCY J. CHEBUNGEI P. O. BOX 734-50205, WEBUYE [email protected] 020-2574902


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