KMTC Official Minimum Entry Requirements For All Courses offered in various training Centres across the country

KMTC Official Minimum Entry Requirements For All Courses offered in various training Centres across the country


According to the most recent KMTC requirements, one must have at least a C- in cluster subjects on your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations in order to enroll and take a certification course .


KMTC Diploma Courses


Inorder to be eligible for the diploma programs, applicants must additionally have earned a minimum grade of C in the cluster themes.


  • KMTC Minimum requirement for updating kmtc courses


One must have a certificate in the pertinent field.


KMTC Higher Degree program Requirements


Inorder to be considered for higher degree programs, the applicants must have successfully completed a degree program in compliance with these standards.


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D+ Medical Courses offered at Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

KMTC courses offered in different cumpuses

• Have a minimum of two years of professional experience and a basic degree in the pertinent fields.


•Take full training program that lasts for a full year.




Time needed to complete the diploma course and prerequisites




An applicant must have a KCSE average of C (or equivalent) and a sufficient combination of other subjects, such as English, Kiswahili, Biology and Life Sciences, as well as Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, and other Physical Sciences.


This program takes 3 years, in contrast to Community Health Nursing, which requires 3 1/2years to complete.




Duration needed to complete the upgrade and the specifications




All applicants need to have at least two years of professional experience and a degree in the necessary fields.




This training takes two years, with the exception of Community Health Nursing, which lasts 18 months.




A minimum grade of C-minus or higher is required, along with the necessary combination of other subjects.




With the exception of nursing, which has a prescribed two-and-a-half-year length of study, there is no set time limit for schooling.




The essential guidelines for admission to Kmtc short courses;




It is open for individuals as well as groups, including companies and businesses.




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