How to Fill TSC Employment form

After interviews the successful candidates are usually given a chance to fill in the recruitment forms so that they can be submitted to the head quarters.
Filling of forms is usually done after a thorough vetting of the candidate’s documents so that to ensure that the rightful candidate is selected.
The vetting process is usually done in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Commission.
On the other hand a candidate may not be contented with the results, in this case the uncontended candidate is given a grace period of 2 weeks to air his/her complain to the commission.

How to fill the employment form.
This is another crucial part which should be handled seriously. Candidates should ensure that the information provided is a true record of oneself.

This employment form contains three sections;

1. section A: Important Notes for applicants

2. Section B: Applicant’s Details.

3. Section C: Recommendation of Approved Officer and/or Agent of the Commission

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section A: Important Notes for applicants

1. All sections of this form MUST be completed in full.

2. Only ONE copy of the form in the applicant’s own handwriting should be submitted to the secretary, Teachers Service Commission, Private Bag, 00100 Nairobi, kenya.

3.Please  forward the following

{a} Duly certified Photostat copies of-

  • National identification Card {both  sides}or passport.
  • Academic and professional certificates and testimonials

{b}GP Form from a government doctor.

{c}Two recently taken passport  size photograph from a studio.(NOT PHOTO MACHNE)

4. In case of new applicants documentary  proof of previous service should be attached to the application form. Photostat or certified copies of certificate of service will be accepted by the commission.

5.If you are invited for the interview by the Teacher service  commission ,you MUST bring the originals of your academic certificates and testimonials  with you ,but make sure that they are returned to you after the interview.

6. It is an offence for a person to falsely or fraudulently hold themselves out to be registered teacher or submit false or misleading information or make false misrepresentation.

Section B:Applicant’s Details.

This section contains majorly the applicant’s personal information ,details  of the institution posted and subject combination employed for.

The details in this section include:

1. Vacancy for which the applicant has been employed ,Name of the Institution, county  and sub-county .

2. Full names of the applicant(In block caption) Maiden name if  married woman

  •  Religion
  • permanent address ,postal code, contact address.
  • telephone number
  • date of birth and age
  • place of birth
  •  home county and sub-county
  • TSC number (if previously registered)

3. State the details of your nationality ;if by birth (give ID/No) ,if by registration (give certificate No.)

4. Your present employer (if any)

5. Education and Professional Qualifications i.e

  • primary school
  • secondary school
  • college/university

6. Teaching subjects

7.  Additional qualifications ,if any.

8. Teaching  Experiences

9. State whether you have ever been dismissed or otherwise removed from Government, other Public Service or the Teaching Service.

10. Break in service ,if any .

11. State whether you have any form of disability .

12. Give name of personal reference .


Section C: Recommendation of an Approved Officer and/or Agent of the Commission

This is the section for the The Principal of the Institution to recommend about the interview exercise and sign off.

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