H.E Uhuru Kenyatta’s highlights on the Covid-19 Pandemic


President Uhuru addressing the nation after the extraordinary summit co-chaired by H.E Governor  Oparanya.

– Covid-19 cases have accelerated sharply
– affected 44 out of 47 counties
– Young Kenyans now affected, affecting the elderly
– bars are risk factors in the country
– Fatality rate low, giving Kenyans false comfort
– Government can not police the morality of its citizens
-Citizens to hold each other accountable
– Walk away from, report, speak up, do your part to keep you and your loved one safe.
– We are an open society, our media is free, let’s not take examples of other countries that are not reporting covid cases.
-we moan 280 Kenyans who lost their lives due to covid 19.

– Wear mask, wash your hands, keep distance.


1. Nationwide curfew 30days
2. No sale of alcohol in eateries
– bars closed
– IG to withdraw licences permanently
-IG should not spare anybody
-Funerals to be done under covid rules
– Education institution identified for isolation should be surrendered to the MOH


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