CS Magoha Confirms School Re-opening dates and Accuses the Journalists of making him look like a ‘fool’

While assessing the preparedness of Pwani University, the CS who had earlier stated that schools could reopen as early as September maintained that the government’s position on the dates remained, January 2021.

“That position has not changed. However, we may relook the reopening dates depending on how the virus behaves,” he stated.

The ecucation CS blamed the media for misrepresenting his words on the reopening of schools stating that the changing dates made him appear indecisive.

Education CS George Magoha during a tour of Meru National Polytechnic on September 4, 2020.
Education CS George Magoha during a tour of Meru National Polytechnic on September 4, 2020.TWITTERMOEST
“The media has made me look like someone who did not go to school. They have made me look like a person who flip-flops; someone who says this today, and says that tomorrow,” Magoha told journalists.

The CS further revealed that the government had set aside Ksh1.9 billion for the making of new desks which would facilitate social distancing once formal learning resumes.


“I have instructed all the 47 county commissioners to come to Nairobi and take a design of the prototype back to their respective counties so that the desk designs can be replicated at the sub-county level,” he conveyed.

During previous assessments, the CS has gone on to reveal details of schools reopening giving different dates with each address.

In July 7, 2020, the Ministry of Education announced that the 2020 academic year would be considered lost due to the Covid-19 pandemic, hence, all primary and secondary schools would reopen in January 2021.

He later went on to issue the possibility of reopening in November 2020 if the positivity rate dropped below 5% and should Covid-19 measures be adopted by the learning institutions across the country.

On August 28, in Makueni county, Prof Magoha alerted parents to brace themselves for earlier school resumption dates if the Coronavirus (Covid-19) curve flattens in the next two or three weeks.

“We really must get our children to schools. We want to see whether we can reopen earlier and the conditions will determine,” Magoha alerted.

The Education CS has, however, maintained that the final decision lay with President Uhuru Kenyatta.



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  1. On the issue of reopening up of schools,it is not a one man kind of decision made or required of, but with all stake holders and more so,by the head of the state’s direction based on the covid19 pandemic flattening of the statistical and medical graph by the ministry of health and that of the department of medical services in our country,together with that of the world’s health organization.
    Whether the media houses misquoted the cabinet secretary for education professor Magoha,as having directed that schools were likely to reopen earlier than January, next year,2021, or in this year sept, 2020, or not,is immaterial, for one, the CS should have called the press and rectified same if indeed he did not say or instruct as such or so. A minister, should be final in his or her direction. Health comes faster or overrides all other things,education inclusive among others,on earth’s social activities. Exams and education,are there to stay but if one miscalculated for loss of life or lives,that would have been the end of everything.
    Let the ministry of education appoint a task force of experts from all stake holders,that goes round the country and assesses the infrastructure and preparedness status of the institutions with regard to the number of students, in each school,college and universities thereby taking into account all the one metre physical social distancing in classes and even in the libraries in schools. The task force should also come up with the number of additional structures required inline with the physical social distancing of one metre, in each learning institution in Kenya and what the cost is likely to be should we need more classes and places of learning in already existing academic environments in our republic and any other related medical emergency hospitals around the schools. With all these in mind,then we rest assured to be in the best ever preparedness position and ready to tackle any eventuality should the worst befell onus. Finally, may the Almighty GOD in heaven, give our earthly medical experts, more skills and quick understanding of this pandemic, in order to fight it successfully.


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