A 78 year old lady finally got justice after 30 years of chasing a land case

A 78 year old lady finally got justice after 30 years of chasing a land case
Fridah and now a grandmother had been living a squatter after years of her land took by someone she said was a tycoon. She had filled a case against the rogue person and really things had been not working since she would say she feared the tycoon had been using his statues to bribe the authorities to get rid of the case. She said no single child she had was in the position to fight back for they were really poor where they even feared they would be killed by the rogue man.
“we decided to keep off from my thirty acres land that we had been grabbed since the grabber had a lot of money and many were the times he would even point guns on my children who poverty lines had been pushing them,” She said painfully. She wondered how her case had been really slugging in the court for all those years and suspected something was wrong as on the other hand had been evicted from the land by the rich guy. Her house had been demolished and they had just been living in a mad house on the road as a squatters. This happened some years back after the husband died in a grisly road accident.
She had been crying for all those years waiting for justice. The land had been grabbed when their children were young and now they had children with them. Each time she visited the courts, she was told the case had been either adjourned for sometimes or other times she was told the files were missing. She would visit the courts twice a month until one day she lost hope of constant visiting the courts and she would send his first born male child to go for the hearings where basically nothing of importance was said concerning their land case.
fridah who had now lost her sight says they had to seek some traditional help from a certain doctor she said was Dr Mugwenu. She wanted her children to have something at stake when she was dead as form of inheritance hence her move. Dr Mugwenu had some land spells and court winning spells to her life. Just last year her case was resolved by the court and it ruled out that she had been illegally evicted from the land. She was too paid Kenyan shillings 15 million for unlawful eviction from the land and she got her land back. This was some victory to her and her children as it ended years of living as squatters yet they had their land.
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