man narrates how he daily got beaten by his wife

man narrates how he daily got beaten by his wife and he had scars all over his body
Micah and not his actual name had been living in agony after his wife turned to be a wrestler. He said only one time he beat her and the next day his wife turned to be an animal and she almost killed him with beatings. The two have been in marriage for six years now and most of the times he had been igniting the fight but ended up sleeping outside their house. His wife would beat him as she loudly screamed for help yet people would come and beat him up as they thought he was killing his wife but the inverse was true in most of the times.
He says that was not the life he really meant to live and most of the times he had tried to show some good example to their children since he really loved the entire family including the wife. ”each time I took some cups of chang’a I just felt like having a fight in my house and the only person I met on the way was my wife who really fought me hard to the extent she removed my one upper jaw teeth, which was not some good picture I was portraying,”he said. He added his wife had warned him of alcohol but most of the times he decided to ignore as he would drink alcohol each day after he was from work.
Seizing the habit meant death to him and they would fight each day and mostly affected how their children were being raised up. He added that his children hated him much to the extent they would even call him names and even at some point they would add efforts with their mum to beat him up. He really wanted to quit the habit as it he knew one day something bad might happen like injuring his wife badly or himself would be killed keeping in mind scars were all over his body to severe beating he had each day.
During this time is when he met Dr Mugwenu and shared his marriage experience to him. He had really wanted to stop his addiction which most of the times led to him doing the rogue things which resulted to domestic violence. Dr Mugwenu did his spells to him which would ensure they lived in harmony and peace. Thier marriage was back alive again as there were no fights and quarrels like before meeting Dr Mugwenu. His children also changed their surname from their mother since they had really downgraded him due to his behavior which amused them most of the times.
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