Bungoma county list for all delocalised teachers.

The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has effected the December 2019 delocalization exercise for school heads. A total of forty two (42) teachers have been moved in Bungoma County. The handinge xercise for the administrators is expected to be completed before schools open for first term on January 6, 2020.

Those moved are heads and principals and their deputies serving in their home counties and those who have served in the same station for a long period. Also on the move are new administrators who were appointed after the just concluded interviews .

Teachers with medical conditions have been spared from the ongoing delocalization exercise. Also spared are teachers aged above 56 years and those set to retire.

The Commission kicked off the delocalization exercise in January, 2018. Other massive deployments would then follow in April, August and December of the same year. Though in April, 2019 the Commission slowed down the transfers as only a handful administrators were moved.


Here is the list of affected schools in Bungoma County:

Bishop Atundo Kimaeti Boys Secondary Peter Maina Hugo St Peters Ndalu Secondary Bun
Khasoko Boys Secondary School Nicholas Kiboi Usenge Boys Secondary School Siay
Masielo Secondary School Andrew Aduda Agwange Mungakha Mixed Secondary School Kak
St Jude Maunda Secondary School Jane Wekesa Frances Malinya Girls Secondary School Kak
St Judes Napara Girls Secondary Jacinta Malala St Elizabeth Chepkunyuk Secondary School Nan
St Kizito Mayanja Secondary School Ignatius Mabonga Kong’ani Cheptantan Mixed Secondary School Tra Nzo
St Marys Madgaline Kimatuni Secondary School Agnetta Makhoha Nafula Gagra Mixed Secondary School Siay
St Marys Mukhuma Secondary School Jeridah Nasilwa Mundere Girls Secondary School Bus
St Paul’s Miluki Girsl Secondary School Margery Waluchio Sitawa St Peters Kajulu Secondary School Kis
St Peters Mwiruti Secondary School Joyce Namasaka Musanga Ngetmoi Girls Secondary School Bari
Namilama Secondary School Rosemary Ongalo Achayo Ratta Mixed Secondary School Kis
St Charles Lwanga School Gordon Muga Kameji Secondary School Mig
Friends Mixed Secondary Nabuyole Peter Wamalwa Barasa St John Cheptech Secondary Vihi
Masindu Friends Secondary Herbert Sunguri Khisa Mbaga Mixed Secondary Siay
Misimo Mixed Secondary Eric Temba Wekesa Digula Secondary School Vihi
St Bridgits Siumbwa Isabella Simiyu Friends School Naitiri Secondary Bun
Mabuuai Secondary Petronillah Khaemba Nanjala Chavavo Secondary School Vihi
Nzoia Industrial Boys Secondary Wycliffe Masinde Milima Secondary School Tra Nzo
Geoff Brown Secondary Nelson Wesonga ACK Kimogoch Secondary School Nan
Kaptanai Secondary School Vitalis Kangayia Mabuusi Secondary School Bun
Kipsis Secondary School Josephine Chebonya Imusutsu Mixed Secondary Vihi
St Augustine Girls Lukhuna Secondary Hellen Awuor Myanga Secondary Bun
St Peters Ndalu Secondary Carolyne Mutoro St Brigits Siumbwa Secondary Bun
Friends School Bokoli Secondary Conrad Wanjala Nambale Boys Secondary School Bus
Friends Secondary Kuywa School Ann Oloo Okoth Gidea Girls Secondary Tra Nzo
Namawanga Girls Secondary Rose P. Achieng Ochieng Kitale Secondary School Tra Nzo
St Andrews Matulo Secondary Peter Asmani Wafula St Alberts Angira Secondary Kis
Chiliba Secondary School Vacant . .
AC Butonge Secondary Vacant . .
St Michaels Ingusi Secondary Andeto A. Isabella Kipiyo Secondary .
St Theresa’s Kimilili Secondary Ann Nafula Kapkartwa Secondary Tra Nzo
Nang’eni girls Secondary Hellen Mulindi Biketi Seconadry Tra Nzo
Teremi High School Mayu Vincent St Stephene Aluor Secondary Siay
Namisi Secondary School Catherine Sewe Akinyi Miluki Girls Secondary Bun
Nzoia Sugar Girls Secondary Nato Isabella Nandako Goibei Girls Vihi
Matumbutu Baptist Girls . . .
St Elizabeth Lunao School . . .
St Kizito Sirende Secondary Everline Bukhuni Ngunya Seciondary Siay
Friends School Yalusi Flora Runaku Ligwilu Kapcheplanget Secondary Tra Nzo
Friends School Yalusi Flora Runaku Ligwilu Mbeka Girls Secondary Siay
Pwani Secondary Sisela Opicho Trans Nzoia Mixed TransNzoia
Pwani Secondary Sisela Opicho Davanga Muslim Secondary Vihiga

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