Who is Behind the BoM Salary Delays, and Why? CAS Kinuthia talks about the Money again

The Kenya BoM teachers have been seen suffering since March when the Schools were Closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Pandemic saw all learning institutions closed to avoid the spread of the disease. Since then our BoM teachers have gone without salaries.

Last month the government promised to release some cash in a bid to cushion the BoM teachers. This is because many had been spotted suffering. Some teachers, due to the high living standards at this times took to making bricks, attending the ‘kazi kwa vijana’ in the villages, Hawking goods in markets and even working as ‘Mjengo’ men to feed their families. Some of the teachers have even been reported to have hanged themselves.

Later on the Government released a good amount of cash to the schools (2.2B) that could help pay the BoM teachers for some months. But it’s clear that the cash was revert from the school accounts almost immediately after being disbursed. The Principals were then asked to verify the details of the BoM teachers in their schools before the cash could be released again to the accounts.

After two weeks of waiting, the BoM teachers now seem to have lost patience after heading to twitter with an hashtag #PayBoMTeachers, asking for justice.

This comes up after CS George Magoha said last week that they had already disbursed the cash to the School accounts and the BoM teachers have already received it. This has brought up the big Question, Who is behind the BoM Salary holding and why?

Yesterday (Sunday) CAS Kinuthia in reply to a tweet by Citizen TV,    Kinuthia said that he’s been struggling to see the BoM teachers comfortable. He added that he will make sure the money hits the School accounts by today (Monday)

“Walimu wako na mtetezi. Nimetia mawazo na vitendo zangu kwa jukumu jili. This matter is complex, and have sailed through the difficult storms. What remains, and I’ll follow up tomorrow is an easy task to simply deposit money in their pockets.” Read the post by CAS Kinuthia.

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