TSC Set to Employ 37,000 More Teachers

Teachers Service Comission (TSC) has an· nounced plans to employ 25,000 teachers on permanent basis and 12,000 on intern· ship in the next financial year to manage the double transition to secondary schools.

On a budget policy statement presented to the National assembly Committee of Education, TSC chief executive Nancy Macharia said the commission plans to spend Sh10.75 billion to recruit permanent teachers and Sh2.4 billion to hire interns.

Due to the implementation of the competency based Carricullum. le:m1e1·s in Grade Six will transition to   junior secondary in January 2021. Standard Eight candidates will also be required to join secondary schools causing the double transition. “The current Grade Four and  Standard Six pupils will transit to junior secondary and Form One respectively in 2023.

This will lead to higher enrolment which will call for additional teachers; says Ms Macharia. TSC has been recruiting teachers every year to adress a recruitment shortage.

Due to lack of funding the 100 percent transition policy from Standard Eight to Form one worsened the teacher-learner ra-tio in secondary schools. There is a shortage of 49,750 teachers in secondary schools.

The commission planned to recruit l2,626 teachers,; per year to bridge the gap in its 2019 to 2023 strategic plan and the plan is still being executed.

More than 10,000 Teachers, leave the service via re-tirement and natural attrition every year

According to TSC chairperson Lydia Nzomo’s exit report the teacher shortage stood at 61,671 in post primary institutions be-fore lmplementation of The 100-percent transition policy.

The country required 50,504, teachers-12,626 per year-to successfully implement the policy.

From 2017/2018 to 2019/2020, the government recruited 18700 teachers to manage the transi-tion but the shortage jumped to 80,849 in secondary schools.


The Shortage in primaiy school during the same period has slightly decreased from 40,807 to 36777 by end of 2020.

TSC has only employed 21700 teachers since 2017 against its 50,504 target. During her fare-well dinner on Friday last week, Ms Nzomo asked the incoming team to follow up on the proposal to parliament to employ more teachers. “I urge the new board to follow up of TSC  proposals to parliament for budgetary alocation to employ 25,000 teachers in the next financial year. She said.


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  1. TSC is really doing a perfect job.teaching profferssion has been for along time viewed a job for the people with no money.but no Ms macharia is at the helm to change this.we only ask TSC to consider those teachers who are why .


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