TSC issues guidelines on What teachers should engage in at Schools

To All Headteachers/ Principals,

The Commissions’ pronouncement for teachers to report to their stations from 28th September 2020, still stands. The following is expected:-

  1. All teachers report to their work stations and clock in system be operationalized. Sign in and out.
  2. Staff meeting be held to discuss the following for implementation:-
    (a). Strategies on resumption of teaching & LEARNING
    (b). Cleaning/ creating a conducive learning/teaching environment
    (c). Preparation of Timetables
    (d). Preparation of Schemes of work
    (e).. Working on TPAD
    (f). Updating the TMIS
    (g). Putting in place the psycho-social support systems( strengthen the Guidance& Counseling Committee)
  3. Put strategies on the observance of the MOH protocols:-
    (a.) Availability of water/hand washing points
    (b.) Social distancing
    (c). Isolation room
    (d.) Disaster management strategies

NB: All Schools MUST establish a COVID-19 19-Disaster Management Committee

Expect visitors in our institutions anytime checking on the status of Schools Preparedness for resumption. All Heads are expected in their schools.
Permission to be away must be sort in writting from the TSC-CD

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  1. Can TSC kindly help teachers in implementing these guidelines by;
    1. Advising how implementation of these protocols can be done without funds.
    2. Giving more information on exact dates when schools when reopen and groups of learners expected so that issues like time tabling, schemes of work and lesson planning etc can be effectively done.
    Otherwise teachers are confused on what to plan.

  2. Wworking in darkness can be such a tiresome job for teachers.preparation of pfofessional docs calls for the terms calender which hasnt been released.teachers still in a limbo.


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