TSC issues a list of Teachers Set to retire this year

TSC has directed county directors to find a list of teachers born in 1963 stationed their jurisdiction and are due to retire in the year 2023.


The retirement dates are determined by the dates of birth as declared on first appointment, as illustrated below:


Date of Birth Declared Date of Retirement




1 1/04/1963






01 /02/2023


1 1/04/2023





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The dates of birth on the attached list are coded in the order of year, month and date.


For example, 1963412 means that the date of birth is 12th April1963 and 19631101 means that date of birth is 1st November 1963.The commission has further instructed county bosses to ensure that the under listed procedures are adhered to in the process of issuance of notices for compulsory retirement, and thereafter the Submission of documents.

Your office is further required to undertake the following:


(1) Verify the list.


(ii) Acknowledge receipt (in writing) within seven days.


(iii) Inform the Deputy Director (Liaison) of any discrepancies noted in the list.

(iv) Transmit the retirement list to the respective Sub- County Directors within seven days of receipt.

On receipt of the lists the Sub- County Directors will be expected to:(i) Verify and acknowledge receipt within seven days


(ii) Issue retirement notices to all the teachers strictly as per the list.

(iii) Maintain a register of teachers issued with retirement notices.

(iv) Invite all teachers issued with notices to collect and acknowledge receipt of the letters within fourteen days from the date the list is received.


(v) Transmit to the Deputy Director(Liaison) copies of the retirement notices, duly signed by the teachers acknowledging receipt.

(vi) Ensure that the teachers submit the required documents within sixty days from the date of receipt of the retirement notice.vi) Receive, verify, confirm and certify completeness of documents received.


(vii) Return any incomplete documents to the teacher, pointing out the extent of incompleteness and advising the teacher to resubmit within fourteen days.


(ix) Deliver the complete documents to the County Director in a register.


On receipt of the complete documents, the County Director will be expected to:

(i) Deliver the complete documents in a register to the respective HRM Unit Heads by 30th April, 2022.


(ii) Return any incomplete documents to the Sub- County Director, pointing out the extent of incompleteness and requiring that they be addressed and the documents resubmitted within fourteen days.


Important notes


(i) Teachers’ names should be indicated on the bank forms exactly as they appear on their national identity cards.


(ii) Teachers should be encouraged to maintain their salary accounts to avoid delays in processing their retirement claims.




(iii) Any change in bank details must be accompanied with a letter from the teacher confirming the new account.


(iv) Where (iii) above is applicable the sub- county HR will be required to emboss the teacher’s thumb print on the payment of commuted Pension forms (bank forms), and witness by signing and indicating his/her name, and TSC Number.


(v) The names on the bank plate (ATM or Card)must appear as on the national identity cards.


(vi) Where(v) above is not applicable, the teacher must obtain a letter from the bank confirming ownership of the account.


(vii) Those who are contributors towards Widows and Children Pension Scheme (WCPS) should submit an earliest pay slip to support WCPS i.e. any pay slip for the first ten (10) years of contribution.(viii)Teachers are advised to check with the nearest Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) office whether they have any tax liabilities and clear them.


This exercise is very important and therefore calls for diligence and commitment. In case of any inquiries do not hesitate to contact the Deputy Director (Liaison) on the following telephone numbers:020-2892224/2892223.Attached is a sample of the compulsory notice letter to be issued,bank form,option to commute pension form and the TSC clearance certificate.


Copies of these documents can also be downloaded from the TSC website(www.tsc.go.ke.)




1) . Any teacher disputing his/her date of birth or whose name is missing from the list but was born in 1963 should write to the Commission through the County Director.2. Teachers Living with Disability are eligible for extension of service up to the age of 65 years.They are required to apply for extension of service before their 60th birthday attaching all the relevant documents. Any applications received after the 60th birthday will not be honored.


3) . The list has been generated as per the December 2021 payroll and does not include teachers living with disabilities or those whose salaries have been stopped

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