TSC Email to be Used in Uploading Teachers’ Notes, Schemes of Work and Lesson plans; Procedure

A few months ago, teachers were instructed by the teacher services commission to use their emails. 90-day workout
ends on April 30, 2021, when no email renewals will be accepted for current teachers.

The compliant teacher category simply did not foresee the ideas for receiving the TSC email address provided, but the TSC already
they had their emails. In addition, no one questioned why TSC opted for Microsoft or Microsoft office365 views
Microsoft outlook365 is very different and advanced compared to other email platforms like yahoo and Gmail. Something different
features include;

For office packages built such as name, prominence and publisher, PowerPoint, opinion, etc.
Onedrive for cloud storage of documents. These texts can be edited within the email without downloading them
Construction teams are of the same interest
Sway text sharing
Text-sharing space
Looking at those features, one can easily judge the purpose of the TSC by those emails after 30, even though they do not work last
for three months.

The TSC insider left our suspicious team when contacted in connection with those emails. “The commission is working around the clock to digital integration all includes;

– Course notes and work plans. Completion of TPAD also requires permanent proof, which is the only exception
-outlook365 can save a large number of people like teachers. Remember teachers are just talking about having these documents currently available
nothing down. They give themselves marks for collaborative testing in TPAD, but nothing to show for it. I trust you
now we understand the importance of office365, ”he told the our team.
It is now clear that teachers will include the following in their e-mails in their offices365;

1. Daily lesson notes used and accompanying lesson plans. These will be uploaded daily in the notebook.
2. Any questions, cats and tests provided with their marking schemes. This will be downloaded under the Forms form.
3. Meeting schedule.
4. Minutes of meetings are held.
5. Student progress records and cat test marks. These will be loaded in progress
Videos for ICT integration. This will be uploaded under stream.
6. Report sharing is sway.
7. Tasks for group work will be uploaded under groups
8. Classroom streaming video. Videos will be downloaded under the videos.
9. Operational strategies

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