Short and Marketable Courses in Kenya 2021

Short courses in Kenya are becoming somewhat mandatory if you want to set yourself apart from others in your profession. You can no longer just easily get a job in some industries with your degree or diploma and promotions aren’t just landed by getting a masters degree.

Importance of Short courses in Kenya

  1. Promotion: It could greatly boost your chances of earning a job promotion or a salary hike.
  2. Topnotch skills: It exposes you to 21st skills that make you more competent at what you do leading to improved job security.
  3. Career shift: It could be a bridge to your new career if you’re feeling trapped in a less-than-thrilling occupation.
  4. Side hustle: You might start a well-paying side hustle with the knowledge you gain from the course.


 List of  short courses in Kenya you can undertake

1. IT Course

It is among one of the most marketable courses to pursue today. This is because of the growth of the digital era and the need for more IT professionals. However, in order to be among the best paid IT professionals, a degree or diploma is not enough.

One needs to take certain short courses in order to be valuable in the industry. Companies like Google, Microsoft, Andela, Oracle and many more, pay their IT professionals very well but they also require certain skills that can only be learnt through short courses.


The short courses an IT professional takes will depend on what path they plan on taking in their career.

There is the Microsoft certification course such as MCSE which is a course that is aimed at equipping one with the ability to design, install, setup and troubleshoot Microsoft based networks.

There is also the CISCO, CCNA which equips professionals with the ability to design, set up, install and maintain networks, including WAN and LAN networks.

Whatever short course one chooses it will definitely set them apart from other candidates. Imagine applying for a job with additional certification and someone else applying for the same job with just the diploma or degree, the person with additional certification will get priority because they have something more to offer.

2. Procurement Professionals

Now, in order to set yourself apart from other procurement officials, you will need to pursue an additional short course to boost your diploma or degree.

Most jobs nowadays for procurement professionals require certifications from Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)

Some even want someone with working knowledge of SAP software and ERP.


3. Accounting

Most advertised jobs in accounting require one to have CPA qualifications with some even requiring up to CPA (K) or ACCA

Some organisations require one to have certification in various accounting packages like QuickBooks. These short courses will help improve your standing in the job market and increase your chances of getting a job.

It is almost impossible to find an accounting job advertised that does not require any additional certification. It is therefore important to take up one or even more short courses to better your chances.

4. Human Resource

For starters, any HR professional is required by law to take up a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) certificate.

Other than that there are many more short courses one can take up that will increase their chances of landing jobs. These include; a post graduate diploma in Human Resource Management, Certified Human Resource Director (CHRD) certificate.

One is also required to be knowledgeable with Human Resources Information Systems, Hiring Management systems or any other HR software.

5. Programming course (Coding)/ Mobile apps development course

Take this course if you have a solid foundation in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).

You may soon be soaring high as an expert programmer selling your skills to companies like Google, Apple, Safaricom etc.



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