Salaries and Allowances For TSC Teachers Per Job Group


Salaries and Allowances For TSC Teachers Per Job Group

Salaries and Allowances For TSC Teachers Per Job Group

The 2021–2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)’s new teachers’ salaries were just made public by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The amount of money that teachers will make each month depends on how well they are able to teach. Primary school entry-level teachers, whose group is Grade B5, are the lowest paid, earning between Sh21,756 and Sh27,195 per month, according to the 2021–2025 CBA.

On the other hand, high school chief principals (Grade D5) make the most money, earning between Sh131,380 and Sh157,656 each month.

Additionally, instructors in Grade C1 would be paid between Sh27,195 and Sh33.994. Primary school teachers who have advanced from Grade B5 work in the C1 employment group.

Additionally, it is the entry-level position for secondary school teachers who possess a secondary education diploma. Primary and high school C1 teachers.

Senior teachers (C3) and secondary school teachers in the C2 category with a bachelor’s in education will make, respectively, between Sh34.955 and 43,694 and Sh43,154 and Sh53.94.

Salaries and Allowances For TSC Teachers Per Job Group

Additional pay according to grade includes:

Sh52,308 to Sh65,385 for Grade C4

Grade C5: Sh62,272–77,840

Grade D1:Sh 77,840-93,408

Sh91,041 to Sh109,249 for Grade D2

Sh104,644 to Sh125.573 for Grade D3

Grade D4: Sh118,242 to 141,891.

Together with the new TSC allowances for teachers, these salaries will be paid. Teachers who work for TSC are paid a variety of allowances, including hardship payments, commuter payments, home payments, and leave payments.

The amount of the allowances is determined by a variety of elements, including the type of learners handled, the workstation, the job grade of each teacher, and responsibilities.



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