Politicians against recruitment of internship teachers by TSC ; full details


The Teachers Service Commission started  employing internship teachers last year with an excuse of lack of enough funds to employ teachers on a permanent basis. Since then the society has not taken the issue in good faith.  We have different/ mixed reactions from the society whereby some think its the TSC leaders are wasting the teachers while most internship teachers feel like its a good stuff as they can at least earn though its too little.

As a matter of fact the majority Kenyan leaders are at the neck of the TSC trying to shun their urge of recruiting more internship teachers. The leaders feel that TSC should think of employing more teachers on permanent and pensionable terms for they are fully trained.

On Wednesday January 19, 2020, TSC boss Dr. Nancy Macharia  appeared before the committee where she said the Commission was willing  to recruit upto10,000 teacher interns this year.  She continued by defending her words by saying that they received a small amount of money that could not enable recruitment of teachers on permanent terms.

According to  the TSC  secretary Dr. Macharia, TSC has only 2 billion shillings for recruitment against a budget of 15.4bn Shillings.

Dr,Nancy also vowed that the Commission was also going to recruit 5,000 teachers on permanent and pensionable terms this year to close the wide staffing gaps where she said majority could be in secondary schools. She said the 100% transition policy has overstretched the teaching work force in the country hence need for additional teachers. The TSC boss appeared before the Committee to present the Commission’s budget for the 2020/2021 financial year.

Internship teachers are scheduled to earn a maximum of 15,000 for secondary school teachers while primary school teachers will warn a maximum of ten thousand shillings only per month as gross salary. Hence they enrolled 10,000 teachers on internship for a period of one year.

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