CS Magoha gives a greenlight on tuiton programmes by studying from home

There has been complaints by parents who their children cannot access online learning due to poor network in their place. It will be unfair to assume them because all learners are equal and should be treated equally. Due to this concern, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has given a go ahead to tutors who can provide holiday tuition which was previously prohibited by the ministry.

According to section 37 of the new constitution, holiday tuition was not allowed and whoever decides to host it will be jailed for one year or attract a fine of Ksh 100000 or both.


This announcement will be of great help to those learners who are coming from rural areas and also to BOM teachers who will earn a small token from the tuition. Online learning does not involve maximum interaction between learners and teacher because it is very hard for the learners to ask questions directly.

Since the schools are already closed, it will be very easy for the tutors to adhere to some of the corona virus guidelines like social distancing and wearing of masks. CS Magoha noted that, “As long as you are observing Covid-19 measures, there is no reason why you cannot assemble the children for teaching.”

According to Magoha, holiday tuition will involve learning that will go beyond class work. It will include life skills and even exercises that are very helpful to learners for their health as revealed by President Kenyatta teaching style. CS Magoha gave a report of what the president is doing and stated that, “The president said he teaches children around him how to dig and create small farms. If the president can do so, who are you not to do it? In addition to book learning, you take children through the university of life.

There is so much that the teachers and parents can do as the children are still with us at home.”

After the schools closed on March, Magoha threatened teachers especially those from private sectors who conduct tuition in their home areas by saying that would increase the number of Covid 19 cases among our learners. This was conducted so as to raise their financials during this harsh times of the pandemic

National Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo yesterday said he was aware of private teachings being rolled out in various city estates and villages.“We told them that as long as they observe social distancing and all Covid-19 protocols, they can engage the children,” said Maiyo.

He, however, cautioned that parents through the Nyumba Kumi initiative must ensure teachers engaged are from the same locality.“We must also be careful as not to allow strangers to handle our children because that can be exploited.

Parents must stay alert to ensure the children are safe,” said Maiyo. He also said teachers who work in public schools may volunteer to teach for free. “We still do not have guidelines for payments of such services and this may lead to exploitation if parents aren’t careful,” said Maiyo.

Private schools association Chief Executive Officer Peter Ndoro said most of the private institutions can no longer pay salaries to their teachers and encouraged them to seek alternative revenue streams.

“If parents decide to engage the teachers while observing Covid-19 protocols, we do not have a problem. We know such arrangements exist and we encourage it because this is not an ordinary holiday break, it is a health crisis break,” said Ndoro.

Secondary School Heads Association national chairman Kahi Indimuli said observing health guidelines must be the first checklist before any arrangements are rolled out between parents and teachers

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