New and ways of filling TSC Tpad Teachers Performance Appraisal forms online and How to Reset your Tsc Tpad password

TSC Tpad meaning:

TPAD  is an open appraisal system will allow teachers in primary and secondary schools to participate in evaluating their own performance and initiate their professional development.


How to fill TSC Tpad Teachers Performance Appraisal forms online

The filling can be done online at .

The teachers performance appraisal registration portal was introduced by TSC.

 Step by step guide:

  • Click Login
  • Enter your Username and Password (If you are logging in for the first time. The default username is your TSC number and Your password is your TSC number).
  • After Login to you will see your name at the top right corner
  • Place your cursor on Actions and Click on  Teaching Standards, Teaching Standards Mass, Learners Progress, Lesson Attendance, Professional Development or  Appraisal Remarks as indicated below.
  • Then Select Professional Knowledge and applications
  • Then Click LOAD fields
  • Fill in the appraisee rating, appraiser rating and agreed rating  and the click the SAVE button.

If you make a mistake, you can click the green button indicated as EDIT DATA and correct the mistake. Incase of an error try refreshing the page and start again. The website works well on Desktop Browsers. Avoid using your phone .

Why is teacher appraisal important?

Tsc teacher appraisal is said to be important as it bases a strong system for teacher evaluation to enable in improving the teaching quality. It also provides the means to recognize and reward great teachers so we can learn from them with how they work and replicate their success while in class and in school. It also helps to identify those who need help so they can get the extra training they need to be effective in their teaching profession.
      How to reset Tsc Tpad password:
 The Teachers Service Commission control code for teachers requires the Commission to create a transparent performance system for all its employees. TSC TPAD allow teachers in secondary and primary schools to evaluate their performance and spearhead their professionalism.
The teachers are required to be registered by the head of institution or Sub-County Director before they can log in to the system.
The TSC has developed Teacher Performance Appraisal and Development (TPAD) system to ensure that teachers are able to teach competently. It also helps in reinforcing supervision and continuous teacher performance monitoring while seeking to maintain the right standards at the learning institution level.
This is what happens if a teacher forgot TSC password:
While TSC TPAD system has proved to be effective, teachers have experienced various challenges including teachers who forgot TSC password, poor Internet connectivity and inadequate computers. The Commission’s County Directors and Commissioners have lamented that teachers forgetting their online passwords delays the performance appraisal process. Inadequate knowledge of TSC TPAD secret code reset steps consumes time, and this is worsens when there is internet instability.
How to change TSC TPAD password and finalize user registration Image:
Knowing how to change TSC TPAD password will save time, reduce system congestion and minimize internet data usage
 Step-by-step guide for changing TSC TPAD password.
1. Log into the system and provide these credentials: User name: Use your Teachers Service Commission number. Password: Enter your Teachers Service Commission number as well.
2. Once you have logged in, a window appears that requests you to key in your new access code or PIN. For this case, enter your Teachers Service Commission number (current PIN) followed by your preferred new password then confirm it. Use familiar numbers and letters for your new password.
3. You will receive a message displayed in red confirming that you have successfully changed your secret access code.
4. After your TSC TPAD password is reset, you will be free to access the system using your new details. You will use the username and the new PIN as password to login to the portal.
5. Finalize user registration by declaring the fields below where necessary then submit: Your Email Your Phone number Your gender
6. Create new teacher appraisals and fill the provided fields: Declaration year Term TSC number of the appraiser: (This can be HOD, deputy headteacher, principal or someone appointed by the commission for this purpose) TSC registration number of counter signing officer (Deputy or headteacher as deemed appropriate) Title of the appraiser: (can be deputy headteacher or HOD) With the above fields dully filled, click on “CREATE”
7. Go to the window labeled “Teacher appraisals” then left-click at the “actions” button on the drop-down arrow.
Professional development Teaching standards Progress of the learners Attendance of the lesson Appraisal remarks as appropriate The above fields require the appraiser or appraisee to have the information at hand before logging in to the system to save on time and avoid misinformation.

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