MoE Issues Directive regarding KCSE Candidates Travel Arrangements in the 5 Locked Counties

The ministry of education releases a statement on how KCSE candidates will get to their homes despite lockdown in several counties.

With many KCSE candidates sitting their final exams in two weeks, parents are concerned on how their children will get home. This is due to the current lockdown in several counties in the nation. The lockdown affects five counties in Kenya; Nairobi county, Nakuru county, Kiambu county, Machakos county and Kajiado county. Many candidates go to school in these counties. Some live here and others have to go through these counties in order to get to their respective homes.

The ministry of Education secretary, Julius Jwan released a statement on 9th April 2021 indicating that the county commissioners and principals of secondary schools should communicate with travelling companies and organize vehicles to go to their respective schools and pick students up.

When travelling, students are required to be in their official school uniform for easy identification. He also added that schools are required to issue a letter of introduction to students. Parents are also to be contacted by the school in order for them to be prepared to receive their children.

Parents who have their own private means and wish to pick up their children from school also have a way to do it even though it was not communicated by the ministry of education in their statement. All they have to do is to get in touch with the school principal and the area police commissioner in order to be issued with a temporary travel pass.


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