Man recalls how he used charms to have good relationship with his boss back at work

Man recalls how he used charms to have good relationship with his boss back at work

Richard had been employed in certain company in Nairobi he refused to mention. He had some issues with his boss that led to them having some bad relationship as he said. Many were the times his boss subjected him to many work and if he failed to meet the tasks he threatened to even sack and hire someone else who would bare with her set conditions. Richard became a worried employee because he knew any time he would be dismissed from his work as the boss had really developed a bad attitude towards him.

“My boss would even blame other employees mistakes to me something that made me wonder how he ever hated me,” he said. This went for a long time as he would even not enjoy several employees goodies as his boss cut down his basic allowances due to the bad feeling and attitude he had towards him. He was worried something he says hindered him from doing and ensuring his was doing some good work back at his work place. He hoped that with time his boss would change and transform to be a good person but as days went by, things had been falling apart each particular day.

Through a popular website he came through a spells caster by the name Dr Mugwenu who had been helping people get out of such life challenges through offering them his powerful spells which changed things. He contacted Dr Mugwenu as he had his contacts from one of the testimonials from the website. He met Dr Mugwenu at his offices for some spells to see if he would change his relationship with his toxic boss. Before the spells, Dr Mugwenu promised to keep his testimonial a secret from news websites and any kind of news feeds as by doing that his client’s information would not be exposed to fraudsters. He casted the spells which were meant to protect his job and cool down his boss. since then he had been having a good relationship with his boss as the spells were effective. He was now a free employee as he enjoyed working for the company unlike before.

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