How a family got back their child after she went missing while coming out of school in Kitengela

How a family got back their child after she went missing while coming out of school in Kitengela

Cases of children kidnapping had really increased in Kitengela Kajido County. several incidences of children being kidnapped had been reported from the area which really worried a lot of parents. The kidnapers had been demanding high amounts of money from parents and families of the kidnapped victims, something that had turned to be a business in the area. Justus and his wife expected their daughter to be home one particular Wednesday after school but she was nit coming back home. They contacted their bus driver and teacher on duty to find if she was dropped at their home that particular day where they said they did that. Everyone said they had not come through her as all sources from her school said she was dropped home.

They reported the case to the police who established an investigation to find where their daughter was. Justus said they were so much worried and never had a clue of any place their daughter was. Finding and locating their child to their neighborhood home was not successful as she was nowhere to be found. They went on with the search for two days when they received a call that ordered them to pay ransom money ksh 2 million or their daughter would be hanged and killed if they failed to.

They never knew where they would get this kind of money keeping in mind their salary even did not match ksh 200k when combined together. They started collecting money from people through borrowing grants to ensure they paid that ransom money to save the life of their daughter who was in hands of this rogue guys. With time someone told them that there was a traditional doctor who would just cast spells and they would get back their child safely. His name was Dr Mugwenu where they visited him before the final day of paying the ransom money was over. He vowed not to share their information to news websites and told them that what mattered to him is them getting help. The spells of returning back their daughter were casted and two days did not end as the kidnappers surrendered themselves to a police station with their daughter. They got back their daughter as the police interrogated them as they would reveal how they were being involved in the business for a long time now.

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