Magoha; Schools to remain Open despite the Covid-19 cases in Schools

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha now says there is no plan to close Kenyan schools again despite a worrying spike in COVID-19 infections.

He spoke to the media after a visit to several schools in Mumias and Malaba on Friday.

During the visit, Prof. Magoha said 3 million learners in Class 8, Grade 4 and Form Four resumed learning in the first phase of re-opening.

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While underscoring the need for vigilance amid rising cases, he said the Education Ministry was working closely with the Interior Ministry in monitoring the situation.

“No one is thinking of reopening the schools and no one is thinking of closing them down, if a decision is to be made, it will be made based on facts,” CS Magoha said.

During the address, Magoha said his visit to the region was aimed at debunking rumours rife in the media that the government was yet to deliver desks as promised.


He referred to a story that aired on Citizen TV earlier in the week, saying the carpenters showcased by President Uhuru had received a 30% of the total order of desks needed in Nairobi contrary to rumours.

“I want to debunk reports that the desks have been delayed, this is not true we are demanding quality, there was a story on Citizen about someone saying he has not been awarded the tender to supply desks, this is not true, he got a 30% of the total order,” Magoha said.

At the same time, he dismissed reports that several schools had missed out on the ongoing Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) assessment.

According to Prof. Magoha, the assessment is an ongoing activity that will ensure all students are assessed



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