List of top accredited institutions offering TVET courses in kenya

Did you not score above a c plus in the national examination? Be worried not  the goverment brings to you good news by introducing and financing the students in vocational training centres.

The students here can apply for HELB loan just like the university students. TVET brings portunities for students to pursue certificate and artisan courses.

Students with D OR D+ in their KCSE:

Student who scored D or D+  are eligible for placement in  Craft  Certificate Courses in TVET  institutions.

Students with E or D– in KCSE

Those who scored between E and D– in the KCSE examination are eligible for selection to Artisan courses in the existing  Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions

Best  and accredited Institutions offering TVET courses in Kenya:
The following is a list of the different institutions that have been accredited by the authority to offer the best TVET courses in Kenya.
  • Aberdare Institute of Business Studies and Catering
  • Aberdeen College of Accountancy
  • Academy of Graphic Technology
  • Achievers College of Professionals
  • Achievers College of Professionals- Njue Plaza
  • Achievers School of Professional Studies
  • ACK Bishop Muge College
  • ACK Bishop Hannington Institute of Theology and Development Studies
  • Adept College of Professional Studies
  • Adex School of Business Studies
  • Beam International Training Centre
  • Beacon of Hope Vocational Training Centre
  • Barut Youth Polytechnic
  • Bartek Institute Eldama Ravine Campus
  • Baraka Vocational Training Centre
  • Bandari College
  • Catherine McAuley Nursing school-Mater Hospital
  • Cascade Institute
  • Bywinnie Beauty Training Institute
  • Busia Vocational Training Centre
  • Dominion Farms Training Centre
  • Diligent Vocational Training College
  • Dexter International College
  • Ebusiralo Vocational Training Centre
  • Eastlands College of Technology
  • East Africa Institute of Professional Counseling
  • House of Plenty Vocational Training Centre
  • Highseas Training Institute of Business And Technology

Institute of Energy Studies and Research

  • Institute of Advanced Technology Argwings Kodhek Campus
  • Imani Marianists Maria Training Center
  • Imani Marianists – Chaminade Training Centre
  • Ikutha Vocational Training Centre
  • Jodan College of Technology – Thika
  • Joan School of Nursing
  • Kaganda Vocational Training Services offered by TVET

TVETA offers services such as accreditation of institutions, trainers, managers of institutions and also new programmes. The authority also ensures that institutions conform and maintain standards of training set by the board in the areas recommended by the authority.

Lastly, the authority is also mandated to conduct assessment and examination of Certificate or Diploma, or any skills, knowledge, and qualifications acquired from any institution, local or foreign, to determine the extent to which it conforms to the established standards and guidelines.

     List of all accredited TVETA institutions in Kenya by January 2020,contacts and the names of institution heads:

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