KUCCPS placement; Procedure on How 2020/2021 students can review their Courses

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has extended the application for the current 2020/21 KCSE candidates to review their preferred university and college courses.

In a statement on Wednesday, April 7, KUCCPS CEO Agnes Wahome invited first-time applicants to apply for placement to a degree, diploma, craft certificate and artisan courses under government sponsorship into universities and other training institutions.

The exercise, which is being done online, will run until Friday, April 16 at which point the registration will close.

Procedure on how to review:

1. Log in to the KUCCPS student portal through the registered credentials ie username and password.

2.Click on the Applications tab on the upper left-hand corner to check the requirements.

Alternatively, search for courses by their institutions by clicking on the institution tab.

How to select courses:

1. Scroll through the programs and either add or revise the ones selected in the course basket.

2. To enter your preferred courses, click on the application/revision tab on the site and enter the programme codes.

3. You can pull the program codes from your selection in the course basket.

4. Once you are done, submit the courses you have selected.

For first time applicants:

1. The students are required to list the courses in the order of preference at all levels.

2. The principal/teacher then logs on to the KUCCPS portal (schools.kuccps.net), enters and submits the choices following the guidelines provided in the Principal’s Manual, which is available on the KUCCPS portal as a download.

3. While submitting the choices, the principal/career teacher is also required to submit the placement fee (ksh500) collected from the candidates as one bulk payment

The money is payable to: KUCCPS Pay Bill Number: 820201 , Account number is the 8 digit center code of the school and total amount: Ksh500 x number of students.

The news comes as the Government had raised concerns over the low number of applicants within the tertiary institutions as most students opt for university courses.

“We have opportunities but very few are ready to take them. It is a countrywide problem where you will rarely find a young person committed to taking a vocational course,” Wahome stated.

She urged students to take up opportunities within the tertiary colleges in order to acquire the requisite skills needed in the job market.

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