KMTC 2020 intake,registration,school fees and admission requirements

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC ) is a leading training centre in the public sector instituted by the Ministry of Health.To apply for the intake you need full information about these colleges.One should have a knowhow of the amount of fees that should be paid and any other requirements.

Currently the colleges are able to train more than 37000 medical students undertaking various courses in the 65 kenya colleges. These courses range from the certificate, diploma to higher diploma. For those looking forward to joining the health sector, below is KMTC 2019 intake’s registration, requirement, and fees.

KMTC registration

Due to improved technology, KMTC application and registration is done through the KMTC online application platform that makes it possible for applicants far from the institutions to register for their valued courses online and all the interested and qualified applicants can register online through the KMTC portal.

KMTC 2019 intake application procedure

  • To register, t visit the KMTC website so that you can access the KMTC portal.
  • Once you are on the KMTC application portal, you are then required to create a KMTC account using the process below.

Creating a KMTC account through the registration portal

  1. After visiting the KMTC website, head straight to the menu where you can access the “Application Portal” tab.
  2. On pressing this item, you will get the Register or Login option. Note: If you already have an account with KMTC you are only expected to log in to your account using the credentials that you used to sign up, i.e. your email address and password.
  3. For a new user on the website, you are required to register by creating a KMTC account by clicking on the “Register” option. Upon clicking this command, you will be able to access an online generated form that will aid you in the creation of the account.
  4. In the registration form, you will be required to input your valid names, email address and your desired password for that account. The site will prompt you to confirm the password after which you should click on the registering button at the bottom of the requirements of a new user.
  5. On the email address you have provided during the registration, a link will be sent for you to verify the account registration information.
  6. Once you login to your email, click on the verification link and it will redirect you back to the KMTC portal.
  7. On the KMTC portal, a form for creating a KMTC account will be availed to you. Here you should feed in the correct information as stipulated them press register.
  8. Upon pressing the “Register”, a feedback form containing all the information you have provided will pop up. The sole purpose of this form is for you to confirm that all the details and information you have provided are accurate.
  9. Once you are done counter checking that all the details are accurate, you can press on the “save changes” command.

Upon successful registering of KMTC account, you should go ahead and undertake the KMTC online application process for your preferred course.

  1. Once you are in the account you have just created, click on the item “Application” on the left side of the page.
  2. The click will lead you to a drop-down menu on which you should select on the item “Apply”.
  3. The apply item will then direct you to an item by the name “Course Selection” as the first option. Under this option, you are supposed to select the course level, i.e. certificate course or diploma course.
  4. When you press the search option, a form will pop up where you will choose your preferred course.
  5. The form has different labels that you ought to successfully fill.
  6. Once you ensure that you have filled the entire fields of the form properly, press on the “Submit Application” item.
  7. Another page will pop up with “Option 2 Form.”
  8. Just like the first option, choose the course level (certificate or diploma) and click search.
  9. When a form pops up, choose your second preferred course.
  10. Accurately fill in all the required labels on this form
  11. Then click “Submit Application”.
  12. After successfully submitting your second-course option, you will be redirected to another web page that will require you to upload all your credentials which include; KCSE certificate or result slip, leaving certificate, birth certificate, national ID both the front and back side and a passport size photo.
  13. The process of uploading your credentials takes place in a similar but distinctive manner.
  • Select ‘KCSE Certificate Soft Copy’ then press upload
  • Select ‘Leaving Certificate Soft Copy’ then press upload

Once you have successfully uploaded all the required documents on the website, you will be redirected to a different page that will prompt you to confirm the courses page that you have already filled according to the criteria. On this page you are required to do the following;

  • Ascertain that the courses highlighted on the page bear a resemblance to your selected courses.
  • If the courses do not match with what you had previously selected, click on the “reject” button which redirects you to the initial registration.
  • On the other hand, if the courses are in line with your selection proceed to pay the non-refundable registration fee of KSh 2022 either through M-Pesa to pay bill number, National bank deposit slip or through a Banker’s Cheque. Ensure that the registration fee has been successfully transferred to KMTC.
  • Press the blue-coloured “Confirm” button.

KMTC enrollment requirements

Due to the rising nationwide need in the medical sector, KMTC offers numerous medical courses that range from certificate course, diploma course and higher diploma courses. The number of courses has increased with time to meet the different medical needs in the country’s system of healthcare provision. For you to get admission with this prestigious medical training college, you must meet the following minimum qualifications which vary from the type or level of learning that you are enrolling for.

1. KMTC certificate courses

The minimum requirements necessary for one to be admitted for a certificate course in KMTC is a minimum aggregate of C- (minus) together with the relevant subject combination. Any student pursuing a certificate course at the KMTC takes two full years to complete the course. However, there is an exception of nursing course which takes 2.5 years.

2. KMTC diploma Courses

The minimum requirement for diploma courses offered at KMTC is a mean grade of c (plain) or its equivalent with the relevant subject combination like Kiswahili, English, Mathematics, Physics, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Biology, and Biological Sciences. All diploma courses take 3 years except for the Diploma in Community Health Nursing that takes 3.5 years.

3. KMTC post diploma courses

For you to be eligible for a past basic diploma course, you must be a holder of a basic diploma in the relevant field of your application. Also, you must have a minimum of two years working experience in the medical sector.

KMTC required fees

Every single year, the Kenya Medical Training College offers an updated list of the KMTC courses and the fees structure on their website. For the self-sponsored students, the annual fee currently stands at Ksh120, 700. For the regular students, on the other hand, the yearly fee stands presently at Ksh 80, 700. For both groups of candidates, the amount caters for tuition, examination as well as some other college specified amenities. Apart from the annual school fee, the applicants should pay Ksh 2200 as the registration fee during the KMTC application.

For the students who cannot afford to cater for their annual fees adequately, they have a chance to access student loans from Afya Elimu Fund who work in collaboration with the Higher Education Loans Board. The first-time applicants of this loan are eligible to attain an amount close to KSh. 40,000 that can go a very long way in helping them make their dreams a reality.

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