How to change airtime to cash

If it has never happened to you, then you have probably heard about someone who bought airtime instead of making a withdrawal from their mobile money account. It is a pretty common mistake for most mobile users out there. In the heat of the moment, it is quite easy to find yourself purchasing an erroneous amount when you wanted to withdraw bus fare or money to do some shopping. It is essential, therefore, to find out how to convert airtime to cash.

With the continuous rise of the use of mobile money platforms in the country, it is common for erroneous purchases to occur, such as finding that you have bought phone credit instead of sending money. Different mobile service providers have different ways of handling such issues when they arise. You, however, have to take several steps as a client to get back your money.
How to convert airtime to cash: Telkom
Unfortunately, Telkom is not able to reverse airtime purchased wrongly via T-kash back to cash form. They advise their customers to confirm the details they input before initiating any transaction carefully. Once the transaction has happened, it cannot be undone.
If you have used their paybill number to purchase airtime from M-Pesa to your Telkom line and have made an erroneous transaction, you can be able to reverse that by contacting a customer care agent. This can be done by dialling 020 222 1000 or dial 100 from your Telkom line, or simply using their customer care handles on their social media sites. You only need to ensure that you do not spend that credited amount as any deduction on it will affect any reversal attempt on it. If you, however, spend the airtime from the line, ensure that you top up using a scratch card before you contact customer care for the reversal.
How to convert Airtel airtime to mobile money
A question on Airtel users minds, especially those who use the mobile money services, is can airtime be converted to cash? Airtel does not have the feature that allows you to convert airtime back to cash on your mobile money. They, however, offer other options for reversal like that of erroneous purchase of airtime for a different number. If you accidentally buy airtime for another number, all you need to do is contact customer care on any of their available platforms such as social media pages or by dialling 100 on your Airtel line.

If you had used a mobile money paybill number to buy airtime and want to reverse the same, you are supposed to contact customer care where they will get the details of the transaction and assist in the reversal of the credit amount back to your mobile money account.

If you are on the Safaricom network and have accidentally purchased an erroneous amount from M-Pesa, all you need to do is call customer care by dialling 100 on your mobile phone. You can also visit their customer care page on Facebook or their handle on Twitter. With this, you are well in the process to convert Safaricom airtime to M-Pesa. You will require to have the full airtime still intact without any deductions. Explain your request to the agent, and they will reverse the amount immediately.
If you had an outstanding okoa jahazi on your line and it got deducted immediately you made the purchase, don’t worry. All you need to do to recover the amount is to purchase an airtime voucher for the amount that was deducted and top up. This will return the phone credit balance to the desired amount. After this, you can call the customer care agents and proceed to state your request for a reversal to be done.
There is a form of relief when you find out how to convert airtime to cash for that moment when it will be necessary to perform that operation. As technology improves, even better methods are likely to be incorporated in this process to make things easier for any customer.

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