Internship teachers’ logbook free download, Step by step guide on filling the book and why it should be filled

At the start of the year, TSC due to lack of funds decided to have teachers on internship to enhance student’s learning in public institutions. Though some of the teachers have not yet earned they have always taken heart to make sure that students are comfortable in their learning.

The following article has though been written to enlighten our internship teachers that they are required to fill the Internship log book and hence guide them on how to go about the filling also for them to know why they are supposed to fill the book.


Teachers employed on Internship by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) are expected to keep and update a number of records. One of the records to be kept by Teacher Interns is the Teacher- Intern Logbook. This document is to be filled under the guidance of the Mentor’s name.

The Teacher intern fills the following parts of the Logbook:
  • Date: This is the date when teaching-learning is executed by the Intern Teacher; during the scheduled lesson.
  • Class/ Learning Environment: This is the class/ form where actual teaching takes place.
  • Activities/ Description of work done: The Intern teacher is then expected to detail the teaching/ learning activities like: Group discussion, Q/A model and other activities.
  • Skills learnt: These are the actual skills learnt.
  • Remarks: The Intern is then expected to write remarks concerning delivery during the lesson.
Other parts that must be filled on the Teacher- Intern Log Book are:
  • Name of the Intern teacher
  • TSC Number
  • Term
  • Week
  • School
  • Sub County
  • Subjects
  • Mentor’s name and signature
  • Supervisor’s name and signature
Teacher Intern Log book free download.
Teacher Intern Log book free download.

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