How will the Post Covid-19 World look like?


Written by Vidambu Sam

One day, covid 19 Pandemic will end. When that times, human beings will have accepted and learnt how to stay with the virus. This is a per the Kubler-Ross-Ross Grief Cycle, which states that the first step is denial, anger, depression, bargaining, then acceptance in that order.

When that time for acceptance comes, some lives will have been lost, some lives will have been born. Some businesses will crumble while others will grow.

The truth is nobody predicted the Covid-19 pandemic, but the truth is we can predict the post Covid-19 life.

For the busibess owners, they should be very careful to avoid making post-crisis mistakes. Most of them will be anxious. For the aspiring entrepreneurs, everybody will want to form a company and start a business. They could end up making wrong decisions.

While the governments are trying their best to help combat the spread of the virus through the quarantines, lockdowns, curfews, economic recovery plans, tax holidays, social distancing, maskings and sanitising, a lot still has to be done by people themselves.

We have tried. The financial markets have been hit the hardest, we have to admit. This pandemic is worse more than the the financial crisis of 2008.

According to IMF, economic recovery may begin in 2021, this will only be possible if we are succesful to contain the virus.

We understand that in most countries the radiology centers, dental clinics, labour wards, emergency spaces, circumcision booths, and counselling offices have been converted to Covid-19 patients rooms. This is mostly seen in third world countries which have low hospital capacity to accommodate large numbers of sick people.

After corona virus pandemic we will see expansion in health sector. Many hospitals will be build. More nurses will be employed.

People will have a savvy attitude. This is because people will learn the importance of saving.

Consumer behaviour will change. People will avoid expensive products.

People will have side hustles. Most people will change careers. Many businesses will be opened.

So are you prepared for life after the outbreak of Covid-19?


Sam Vidambu is a startup mentor, high performance coach, a reknown author, success trainer, mentor, motivational speaker, the CEO of Ambigen Ltd, the President of The Royal Mentors, lecturer, his website is

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