How TSC Call For Teachers Profile Update Compliance Will Affect Teachers Both positively And Negatively

TSC Chairperson, Nancy Macharia addressing a Media press

Indeed the teaching profession has so far undergone major changes under the reign of CEO Dr. Nancy Macharia

For instance, the transition from one transformation to another has been a unique action that has had a major impact on the teachers and other stakeholders working under the Commission’s umbrella.


According to the fresh details extracted from the recent profile updates of teachers, it has been noted by the commission that many teachers did not give legal birthdays, due to which they had to work beyond the retirement age of 60 years.

Reports indicate that the age limit has led to a demand for an inquiry data for the affected teachers, who were required to retire long ago.

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Mr. Timon Oyucho, the Director in charge of Legal, Labor and Industrial Relations, TSC, says that the average period from the time of employment to retirement for a teacher should be 34 years,of which most of them are not qualified, especially teachers whose Employment data reads between 1980 and 1996.




These teachers, according to statistics, were joining the school when they were more than seven years old by birthday, and joining the teaching service after graduation was also not immediate.


This means that one should not stay more than 29 years in the teaching profession.




According to the data collected from recent teachers’ updates by experts from the Commission’s Human Resources docket, Mr. Oyucho pointed out that teachers currently in the teaching service have already gotten more than one year, and are still retired.


UnfortunatelyWith a few years left to happen, his pension may not be fully received since the records speak for themselves.




He also said that some teachers would be teaching bonus years, whose pension would not be accounted for.




He further added that if specific information is to be known from the commission, his arrears to be allotted after 34 years can be deducted from his gross pension as he will be counted as working in bonus years.


Based on this revelation, teachers who have not yet joined the teaching profession should be given a realistic age bracket which may not affect their job security in future

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