How to Fill TPAD Online, Step by Step Procedure

Are you experiencing difficulties in appraising your self in TSC Teacher Performance And Appraisal (TPAD) account? Worry not. In this write up, am going to information you through how you can appraise yourself effortlessly.

All you need to have is a device that can enable you access internet services.

How to login to TSC TPAD two Account

Step 1: The first component is to log into your TPAD 2 account the usage of this hyperlink If you have no longer created one, do now not panic. Read greater right here how to create tsc tpad 2 account.

To login in to your tpad 2 account, you want your TSC number, ID variety and password. If you have forgotten your log in password click on the forgot password button where you will be redirected to a web page that will instant you to enter your TSC number, ID wide variety and thereafter click on on Recover Password.

TPAD two Dashboard
Step 2: On login in into your tpad portal you will land on your dashboard. Read extra about TSC TPAD two Dashboards here.

On the Dashboard, you will be in a position to see the title of your Institution, IPPD Code, Institution Level and you Designation.

To start appraising yourself scroll down to your bottom right and click on Start Appraisal as proven below:



TSC TPAD 2 Appraisal Process;

Step 3: The next component is to create new appraisal. To do so click on Create New Appraisal as proven below:

TSC TPAD Appraisal Process
Step 4: Upon clicking on Create New Appraisal, you will land on a web page that requires you to select the year(2020), pick time period and eligibility(for eligibility click on drop down arrow and pick out on duty). Check out the web page below:



TSC TPAD two Appraisal process
Click on Save Appraisal to proceed. A pop up message that says assessment Details delivered correctly shows on the screen. click OK.

Step 5: A new page titled my value determinations will open showing year, term, status, share of completion, total marks, date created and action.


Step 6: A page that suggests Assessment Areas will open. There are three evaluation areas namely;


As an appraisee, you only update the first two assessment areas that is; teaching standards and learners progress.

For Lesson Attendance, you can only view lesson attendance as appraised by the appraiser.

Teaching Standards
Step 7: There are five teaching standards; Professional Knowledge and Practice, Comprehensive Learning Environment, Teacher Professional Development, Teacher Conduct & Professionalism, Participation in Professional Learning Community.

Click on pick out general as shown in the display shot below. Thereafter underneath the Select Standards through Institution, click on on the drop down arrow as proven in arrow two beneath then pick both Primary and Secondary Schools or SNE-Primary and Secondary Schools.

TSC TPAD two Appraisal Process
Click on Proceed to Standards.

Step 8: A page that indicates all the five educating standards will open. To proceed click on on New Rating

TSC TPAD Appraisal process
Step 9: Upon clicking on New Rating you will land on a web page with with eight Targets underneath professional understanding and practice teaching standard. Click on Add Weight

TSC TPAD two Appraisal Process
Step 9: After clicking on Add Weight, you will land on a web page that will require you to enter your weight

TSC TPAD Appraisal Process
Click on Submit Rating.

Continue with other targets and after entering the weight for the last target under professional knowledge and practice teaching standard, click on Next Standard


TSC TPAD 2 Appraisal Process
Repeat the process above for other Standards until you finish all of them.

Step 10: Click on back to appraisal so that you will be redirected to a page that will enable you to start updating learners progress.


TSC TPAD 2 Appraisal Process
Learners Progress
Step 11: To update learners progress click on Update Progress


Step 12: Click on Set Subject Target. A page that requires you to select form, choose subject and Target Mean Score.


Step 13: Repeat the procedure above so as to add the second teaching subject.

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