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Chuka university students portal online hostel bookings

Welcome to the Chuka University Online hostel booking portal. The portal is a flagship project for the CUClive website to be launched on January 2016 aimed at helping students in various activities throughout their academic life.

This portal helps students identify the available private hostels through adverts giving crucial details about the condition of the hostel, proximity, price and other key details.

For ease of identification, the site will divide the entire Ndagani area into three areas

  • East lands and all hostels East of the Meru Nairobi highway
  • Blessed center and hostels west of the Meru Nairobi highway
  • General and hostels past the kurugusha river

There are different categotries of hostels available

  • Bedsitters

The rooms accomodate either one or two students with the following povisions

>Wash room inside the hostel room.

>Provision for a cooking area

>Bed, table and chair

  • Single room

>Only one bed, chair and table

>no provision for a washroom or kitchen areas

>Are ussually small

  • Doubles

>two beds, chairs and  single table

>No provision for a wash room or kithchen area

>Moderately large

  • Rentals

>No bed, chair or table provided

>monthly paymement

  • One bedroom(manshions and suites)

>Optional bed, tabla and chair

>Separate washroom and kichen rooms

>Accomodate more than two students per room

>Tentatively more expensive s compared to the other three

Students will benefit from

  • Snapshots of the hostels
  • details of the facilities available eg. bed chair mattress etc
  • The cost of accommodation – either monthly or per semester
  • the proximity from the University
  • Hygiene and security of the Hostels
  • The closest social amenities such as shops, clinics, wifi,  transport mode, church/mosque

Booking involves selection of the most preferred rooms and site and better still book for a potential roommate.

The mode of payment will be as preferred by the landlord as we organize for a harmonized payment method.

Wish you the best as you prepare for the Jan-April semester.

For any inquiries, proposals or comments please drop us a message at 0724075174



Chuka University Online Hostel Booking 2019
Chuka University Online Hostel Booking 2019
Chuka University Online Hostel Booking 2019 | How to Book Hostel Online at Chuka University for the 2019 academic year… See details below
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Hostels within the University are booked online through the student portal after paying the entire school fees.
This is to notify you about the room booking process. Students seeking accommodation should apply online. This will be applicable to all continuing students and fresh students.
S/No Group Date for Booking
1. All continuing students
Hostels Charges
S/No Hostels Charges Per Semester
1. Male hostels (Western, Eastern, A & B) Ksh3,000/=
2. Female hostel (Runda) New ladies Ksh5500/=
3. Ladies (A&B Hostels) Ksh3000/=
Attached is the procedure for booking
The following procedure should be followed during booking:-
1.Log in to the student portal,
2.Click on Book Hostel and select the preferred hostel room.
3.Print the room agreement as soon as you finish the allocation and present it upon opening/reporting date to the respective Halls Offices in the university.
NB: Pay accommodation fees to Chuka University Bank Accounts after confirming availability of the hostel room.
For clarification, contact accommodation department through email: or
Tel: 020 2361086/020 2360260

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