How to apply for TSC number online and the process guide


  1. Certified academic and all professional certificates.
  2. Original national identity card.
  3. One passport size photo.
  4. KRA pin.
  5. GP69 form.
  6. Certificate of good conduct.
  7. Entry and work permit for non Kenyans.

You are then required to scan and upload their original copies on the tsc number application online website.

Depositing of 1,055 Kenya shillings bus also mandatory through direct banking. 1,000 is non refundable and 55 is the bank commission charge.

If applying for duplicate certificate application, deposit a nonrefundable fee of KES 2,055 to the Tsc Reg account number: 01001005707400.

The registration attracts a response within 30 days after TSC number form submission.

Causes of failed registration.

  1. Lack of proper relevant academic and professional qualifications.
  2. Bad moral conduct.
  3. Presence of a previous record of criminal offences.
  4. If one is found suffering physical or mental infinity rendering

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