Functions of TSC County Directors of Education

The Teacher’s Service Commission (TSC), is a commission developed by the government of Kenya to deal with matters concerning education.

TSC has employed over 300,000 teachers in Kenya. Its responsibilities have been shared to each one of the 47 counties in Kenya.Therefore, each county has a TSC County director who plays various important roles in the education sector of the county.

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These are the duties of the County Director;

  • Organize teacher recruitment and ensure that the TSC’s guidelines are observed
  • Receiving and recommending teachers’ leaves
  • Facilitate the processing of teachers’ recruitment and ensure that the commission’s requirements are met.
  • Handling the teachers’ disciplinary matters
  • Maintaining a record for all managerial posts in a county
  • Coordinate teacher promotions under the unit establishment within the county
  • Keep a record of all the teacher vacancies available in a county
  • Ensure that teachers work in accordance with the teaching standards of the commission
  • Supervise the performance assessment of the teachers in the county.
  • Advise the respective county government on matters concerning education.
  • Acts as a medium between the commission and the heads of institutions as everything is communicated through him
  • Submit any other reports on the teachers’ performance that the commission might need.
  • Supervise staff within the county
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by the commission
  • Ensure great communication with the institutions in the county

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