CS Magoha asks School heads to calm as the government is planning on schools’ funding


Education CS George Magoha has asked principals to be calm as the government plans on schools funding.

Magoha said the ministry will in due time communicate the way forward in funding the institutions in absence of learners.

Magoha spoke to the Media team  on Thursday but did not divulge details on when and what part of the funds will be released.

“The year [financial] has just started, we will communicate on what will and should be done,” Magoha said in a phone conversation.

School heads have demanded that he sends second and third term capitation to learning institutions despite the plan to reopen schools being pushed to January.

The heads argued that it is important for schools to get the funds to enable them to prepare adequately for the reopening and keep the institutions afloat.

Kenya Secondary Schools Heads Association chairman Indimuli Kahi on Monday argued that some operation costs remain obligatory even in the absence of students.

In a proposal, Kahi said part of the money should be used to support operational costs during the shutdown period while the allocation for academic operations will be reallocated for development.

He said with no capitation, the heads will be unable to pay suppliers and non-teaching staff.

Kahi said besides the academic expenses, the schools have to pay water and electricity bills, besides footing the cost of school compound maintenance and security.

“We have to pay suppliers and non-teaching staff and these are functions that need to be taken care of whether students are in school or not,” Kahi told the Star on the phone.

Kenya Parents Association chairman Nicholas Maiyo supported the principals proposal but cautioned the need for accountability.

“We need to make sure our schools are ready for reopening in January and to ensure they meet the set health guidelines,” Maiyo said.

The government funds primary and secondary schools depending on the number of students.

Each student is allocated Sh1,420 in primary school and Sh22,244 per head in secondary school.

Secondary schools will get the highest allocation of Sh59.4 billion to support capitation for learners while Sh12.4 billion will cater for free primary education.

In February, the government released Sh11.2 billion for the free primary and subsidised secondary education programmes

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