Courses offered at JKUAT main campus

  •  JKUAT univetsity is the best and largest university in Kenya offering agricultural courses.

The university was started in 1981 as Jomo Kenyatta College of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), a middle-level college by the government of Kenya with assistance from the Japanese government.

Plans for the establishment of JKUAT started in 1977. In early 1978, the Kenyan president, Jomo Kenyatta, donated 200 hectares of farmland for the establishment of the college. The first group of students were admitted on 4 May 1981.

The new president Daniel Arap Moi formally opened JKUAT on 17 March 1982.Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) is a public university near Nairobi, Kenya

To find a list of all certificate, diploma, postgraduate diploma, bridging, degree, masters, doctorate courses, distance education as well as open learning academic programmes offered at Jkuat Main Campus Juja.

JKUAT Undergraduate Degree Courses

Category: JKUAT Courses

  1. Bachelor of Architecture
  2. Bachelor of Business Information Technology
  3. Bachelor of Commerce
  4. Bachelor of Construction Management
  5. Bachelor of Landscaping
  6. Bachelor of Purchasing and Supplies Management
  7. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Economics & Food Industry Management)
  8. Bachelor of Science (Agribusiness Management & Entreprise Development)
  9. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics & Rural Development)
  10. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Engineering)
  11. Bachelor of Science (Analytical Chemistry)
  12. Bachelor of Science (Animal Health, Production and Processing)
  13. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry)
  14. Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
  15. Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology)
  16. Bachelor of Science (Biomechanical and Processing Engineering)
  17. Bachelor of Science (Botany)
  18. Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)
  19. Bachelor of Science(Civil Engineering)
  20. Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
  21. Bachelor of Science(Computer Technology)
  22. Bachelor of Science(Control and Instrumentation)
  23. Bachelor of Science(Crop Protection)
  24. Bachelor of Science(Electrical and Electronics Engineering)
  25. Bachelor of Science(Electronics and Computer Engineering)
  26. Bachelor of Science (Environmental Horticulture and Landscaping Technology)
  27. Bachelor of Science (Financial Engineering)
  28. Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Nutrition)
  29. Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Post Harvest Technology)
  30. Bachelor of Science (Geomatics Engineering)
  31. Bachelor of Science (Horticulture)
  32. Bachelor of Science(Human Nutrition and Dietetics)
  33. Bachelor of Science(Industrial Biotechnology)
  34. Bachelor of Science(Industrial Chemistry)
  35. Bachelor of Science(Information Technology)
  36. Bachelor of Science (Land Resource Planning and Management)
  37. Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
  38. Bachelor of Science (Mechatronics Engineering)
  39. Bachelor of Science(Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  40. Bachelor of Science(Medical Microbiology)
  41. Bachelor of Science(Physics)
  42. Bachelor of Science(Radiology)
  43. Bachelor of Science (Soil, Water and Environmental Engineering)
  44. Bachelor of Science (Telecommunication and Information Engineering)
  45. Bachelor of Arts (With It)
  46. Bachelor of Quantity Surveying
  47. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science
  48. Bachelor of Science in Applied Biology
  49. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  50. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering)
  51. Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
  52. Bachelor of Science in Medical Microbiology
  53. Bachelor of Science in Food Science And Technology
  54. Bachelor of Pharmacy
  55. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
  56. Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  57. Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  58. Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
  59. Bachelor of Science in Economics
  60. Bachelor of Science in Genomic Sciences
  61. Bachelor of Science in Public Administration And Leadership
  62. Bachelor of Science in Statistics
  63. Bachelor of Journalism
  64. Bachelor of Human Resource Management
  65. Bachelor of Business And Information Technology
  66. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science
  67. Bachelor of Science (Innovation Technology Management)
  68. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  69. Bachelor of Science in Community Development and Environment
  70. Bachelor of Science in Mechatronic Engineering
  71. Bachelor of Mass Communication
  72. Bachelor of Science (Community Development and Environment)
  73. Bachelor of Procurement and Contract Management
  74. Bachelor of Science in Public Management and Development
  75. Bachelor of Entrepreneurship
  76. Bachelor of Real Estate
  77. Bachelor of Development Studies
  78. Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science
  79. Bachelor of Science in Industrial Mathematics
  80. Bachelor of Science in Project Management
  81. Bachelor of Science in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering
  82. Bachelor of Landscape Architecture
  83. Bachelor of Science (Geophysics)
  84. Bachelor of Science in Community Health and Development
  85. Bachelor of Science in Corporate Communication and Management
  86. Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  87. Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
  88. Bachelor of Science (Applied Biology)
  89. Bachelor of Science in Water and Environment Management
  90. Bachelor of Science in Strategic Management
  91. Bachelor of Science in Nutraceutical Science and Technology
  92. Bachelor of Science (Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics)
  93. Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences
  94. Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy and Environmental Physics
  95. Bachelor of Science in Operations Research
  96. Bachelor of Science in Business Computing
  97. Bachelor In Banking and Finance
  98. Bachelor of Science in Health Records Management and Informatics
  99. Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine
  100. Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  101. Bachelor of Science in Applied Bioengineering
  102. Bachelor of Architectural Technology
  103. Bachelor of Science in Medical Biochemistry
  104. Bachelor of Science (Agricultural Economics and Rural Development)
  105. Bachelor of Science in Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems
  106. Bachelor of Science in Biostatistics
  107. Bachelor of Science in Food Service and Hospitality Management
  108. Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Information Science
  109. Bachelor of Science Industrial Biotechnology
  110. Bachelor of Science in Public Health

JKUAT Postgraduate Diploma Courses

Category: JKUAT Courses

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics
  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Laboratory Sciences
  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health

JKUAT Master Courses;

  1. Master of Business Administration
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  2. Master of Procurement and Logistics
  3. Master of Science (Agricultural Processing Engineering)
  4. Master of Science (Applied Epidemology)
  5. Master of Science Applied Mathematics)
  6. Master of Science Biochemistry)
  7. Master of Science (Biomechanical Engineering)
  8. Master of Science (Bidsystems Structural Engineering)
  9. Master of Science (Biotechnology)
  10. Master of Science (Clinical Tropical Medicine)
  11. Master of Science (Construction Engineering & Management)
  12. Master of Science (Energy Technology)
  13. Master of Science (Entrepreneurship)
  14. Master of Science (Epidemiology)
  15. Master of Science (Food Science Nutrition)
  16. Master of Science (Food Science and Post Harvest Technology)
  17. Master of Science (Horticulture)
  18. Master of Science (Human Resource Management)
  19. Master of Science ICT Policy and Regulation)
  20. Master of Science International Health)
  21. Master of Science Lab. Management and Epidemiology)
  22. Master of Science Landscape Planning and Conservation)
  23. Master of Science Mechanical Engineering)
  24. Master of Science Medical Chemistry)
  25. Master of Science Medical Microbiology)
  26. Master of Science Mycobacteriology)
  27. Master of Science Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  28. Master of Science Medical Mycology)
  29. Master of Science Medical Parasitology and Entomology)
  30. Master of Science Medical Virology)
  31. Master of Science Medicinal Phytochenistry)
  32. Master of Science Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics)
  33. Master of Science Molecular Medicine)
  34. Master of Science Mycobacteriology)
  35. Master of Science Occupational Safety and Health)
  36. Master of Science Parasitology and Entomology)
  37. Master of Science Physics)
  38. Master of Science Plant Breeding)
  39. Master of Science Plant Health Science & Management)
  40. Master of Science Public Health)
  41. Master of Science Research Methodology)
  42. Master of Science Software Engineering)
  43. Master of Science Soil and Water Engineering)
  44. Master of Science (Statistics)
  45. Master of Urban Design

JKUAT Doctorate Courses

Category: Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Courses

  1. PhD in Business Administration
  2. PhD in Procurement and Logistics
  3. PhD in Science (Agricultural Processing Engineering)
  4. PhD in Science (Applied Epidemology)
  5. PhD in Science Applied Mathematics)
  6. PhD in Science Biochemistry)
  7. PhD in Science (Biomechanical Engineering)
  8. PhD in Science (Bidsystems Structural Engineering)
  9. PhD in Science (Biotechnology)
  10. PhD in Science (Clinical Tropical Medicine)
  11. PhD in Science (Construction Engineering & Management)
  12. PhD in Science (Energy Technology)
  13. PhD in Science (Entrepreneurship)
  14. PhD in Science (Epidemiology)
  15. PhD in Science (Food Science Nutrition)
  16. PhD in Science (Food Science and Post Harvest Technology)
  17. PhD in Science (Horticulture)
  18. PhD in Science (Human Resource Management)
  19. PhD in Science ICT Policy and Regulation)
  20. PhD in Science International Health)
  21. PhD in Science Lab. Management and Epidemiology)
  22. PhD in Science Landscape Planning and Conservation)
  23. PhD in Science Mechanical Engineering)
  24. PhD in Science Medical Chemistry)
  25. PhD in Science Medical Microbiology)
  26. PhD in Science Mycobacteriology)
  27. PhD in Science Medical Laboratory Sciences)
  28. PhD in Science Medical Mycology)
  29. PhD in Science Medical Parasitology and Entomology)
  30. PhD in Science Medical Virology)
  31. PhD in Science Medicinal Phytochenistry)
  32. PhD in Science Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics)
  33. PhD in Science Molecular Medicine)
  34. PhD in Science Mycobacteriology)
  35. PhD in Science Occupational Safety and Health)
  36. PhD in Science Parasitology and Entomology)
  37. PhD in Science Physics)
  38. PhD in Science Plant Breeding)
  39. PhD in Science Plant Health Science & Management)
  40. PhD in Science Public Health)
  41. PhD in Science Research Methodology)
  42. PhD in Science Software Engineering)
  43. PhD in Science Soil and Water Engineering)
  44. PhD in Science (Statistics)
  45. PhD in Urban Design.

 The Admission Requirements:

For those wishing to pursue various courses at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), the following minimum admission requirements need to be met.

1. Bridging Certificate – Degree applicants should have KCSE mean grade of at least C+ (plus) or equivalent. Diploma applicants should have KCSE minimum grade of C Plain or Division II in KCE or equivalent. Certificate applicants should have attained KCSE mean grade of C- (Minus) or Division III in KCE or equivalent qualification.

2. Certificate Courses – Applicants should have at least KCSE mean grade of C-(Minus).

3. Diploma Programmes – Minimum entry requirements for diploma applicants: KCSE mean grade of C (Plain).

4. Undergraduate Degree – Requires a minimum of KCSE C+ (Plus).

5. Masters Programmes – Holders of second class upper division degrees from JKUAT or other recognized University in relevant field.

6. Ph.D – Applicants should be holders of Masters degree from JKUAT or any other university recognized by the University senate.

JKUAT Modes of Admission:

  • 1. Government of Kenya Sponsored Students.
  •  The Application for admission is done through Joint Admissions Board (JAB). Application forms are usually dispatched to secondary schools so that students can apply for courses of their choice.
  • 2. Self-Sponsored Students.
    Courses under the self-sponsored programme are advertised through the press in the months of April/May each year.
  • Students are therefore required to get application forms from the university or from the university website and apply for the courses which they are qualified for.

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