Courses Banned By TSC From Future Recruitment

Courses Banned By TSC From Future Recruitment

TSC Bans These Subject Combinations From Future Recruitment

Graduates of a variety of teaching degree programs are not permitted to be hired, according to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The graduates had signed up for the programs in the hope that TSC would hire them, but those hopes have since been crushed. The graduates have been advised to look for employment elsewhere, though.

Graduates who decided to major in subjects no longer taught in the classroom are among those affected. Graduates whose competence is in subjects that are currently NOT in the curriculum are not eligible to apply for registration, regardless of whether they have completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) and/or Enhancement.

The Commission states this in its current Registration Guidelines for new teachers.

To be eligible for work with TSC, the bulk of these graduates pursued postgraduate degrees in education. To streamline the teaching business, TSC has, nevertheless, tightened the nut. The definition of teaching as a noble profession has been clarified, and there are now rules for anyone wishing to work in the sector.


These graduates’ non-registration has now been explained by the Teachers Service Commission. Even individuals with a postgraduate degree in education who have attended these courses have been disqualified.


The commission claims that these courses don’t cover all the necessary material. As a result, neither of the two learning regions has sufficient topic knowledge.

Bachelor’s degree programs in the arts or sciences with PGDEs in two teaching specialties will be registered with the TSC. This letter has been a pain in the neck for many graduates of these courses who had hoped to be registered and recruited by the Teachers Service Commission.


The following learning areas have been pursued by all graduates, and they are no longer eligible to work for TSC.

S/N Training Area/ Course

1 Natural resources

2 Meteorology

3 Forestry

4 Animal husbandry

5 Horticulture

6 Farm machinery

7 Fisheries

8 Anthropology

9 Sociology

10 Theology/Divinity

11 Journalism

12 Kiswahili and Communication

13 Business Management / Administration

14 Banking and Finance

15 Genomics

16 Actuarial Science

17 Environmental Science

18 Criminology

19 Biotechnology and Agriculture

20 All Courses related to Engineering

21 Industrial Chemistry

22 Biochemistry

23 Hospitality and tourism

24 Foods , Nutrition and Dietics

25 Technology and applied Biology

26 Microbiology

TSC Bans These Subject Combinations From Future Recruitment

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