All teachers to undergo Covid-19 testing before the re-opening of institutions, CS Magoha says

Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic that has affected learning in many countries around the world, CS Magoha is still determined that the Kenyan institutions should re-open for timely syllabus coverage.

Hence today(Sunday) at KICD, the CS education addressed the media  houses saying that all tutors will have to be tested two weeks before the school reopening dates to ensure  the safety of the students.

Tutors at all the technical training colleges (TTC) in the country will undergo Covid-19 tests before they reopen, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha has said.

Prof Magoha noted  that for learners to be safe it should be established beyond doubt that the teaching staff are free from the disease.

At the Kenya School of Government in Embu , Magoha stated that there are over 13 million students  at TTCs countrywide.

He ordered that the teachers be tested two weeks before the institutions re-open.

Magoha directed Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang to arrange the exercise, signalling that colleges could resume operations soon.

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“We must be careful before colleges are re-opened,” he said

CS added that after re-opening, the tutors will be tested again after 14 days alongside non-teaching staff.

“Testing will be a continuous process once pupils and students go back to school,” he said.


Further, the CS said learning will only resume after the government is certain that all preventive measures are put in place in  learning institutions.

The public can now submit their views on school re-opening dates says CS Magoha’s team chairperson ; full details(Opens in a new browser tab)

He directed administrators to ensure a steady supply of water in all buildings and that toilets remain clean.

” There should be as many hand washing points for children as possible to ensure high hygiene standards,” he said.

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Professor, also reminded learning institutions to ensure social distancing.

As the number of daily infections reported daily continues to rise, it is expected that President Uhuru Kenyatta will soon address the nation. Hence brief on the way forward, especially with regards to an economic revival plan

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  1. Of course teachers can be tested but how long will it take,,,another issue is, what about pupils? Teachers might test covid19 negative then one pupil might be postive and infect the other pupils so let’s not think about teachers then we forget pupils .


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