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All P1 Teachers to to Upgrade to Diploma Starting September 2021

The huge number of teachers have got every reason to be worried and shocked.

This is after the education Cabinet secretary professor George Magoha issued a worrying statement to the proposed several and radical changes in the TSC that looks like sealing the fate of teachers with the P1 qualification.

At Sagam secondary school in Siaya where the education CS was addressing the media while commissioning a three classroom block, the education Cabinet secretary seemed to support fully the proposals by TSC claiming that certificates will be deemed to be null and the minimum qualification for anyone wishing to be a teacher in the country be raised to a diploma in education.

This latest revelation and utterances by Magoha to back the aforesaid proposals by the TSC has left several teachers in limbo. The several learned and P1 holder teachers are going through a tough journey in their lives at the moment. The spirits and morale of the several thousands of teachers has been lowered  more especially the P1 holders who have not yet secured employment by the TSC. Recent statistics conducted reveal that more than 300,000 teachers are qualified but are not yet employed.

In addition, the situation was made worse recently after the commision came publicly and said plans were in place to hire up to 15,000 secondary school teachers, yet it had frozen plans to recruit primary school teachers for the next three years, where the P1 holders lie. The build up in these events seem to be demoralizing and giving the P1 holders goosebumps.

On that note, it therefore now means that the proposed changes will affect severely the P1 holders very soon before they are absorbed by the TSC to the service. This will automatically force them to have no other option other than to enroll for a diploma training to be safe and meet the minimum requirements and qualifications needed.

The P1 holder are now set to join the ttc colleges countrywide as from early September this year, for a period of 9 to 12 months to complete the diploma course. This will put them on the safe side, and increase their chances of being absorbed into the commision. The ministry further stated that the exact dates and procedure of application to join the ttc for the P1 holders was underway and could be communicated soon. Once the full details are revealed  we will keep you informed automatically.

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