A real estate businessman in Nairobi had to bear the cost as his business was highly affected by the rise of covid 19

A real estate businessman in Nairobi had to bear the cost as his business was highly affected by the rise of covid 19
Mwangi was a real estate business man in Nairobi where he owned some renting apartments and other forms of houses that suited the middle class tenants. H e said he had so much relied the business to make a living only for the covid 19 infections to come by. People who lived in his rental houses were mainly people who depended on low income and other low jobs for survival. With the disease in town he had to even lower the rental price but most of his houses were vacated as people went back to their upcountry for fear of high cost of living as many had lost jobs.
Unlike before three quarter of his houses had been left vacant after people to live in them were no more. ”I had never came to this kind of hard time as almost all my houses had been vacated meaning there was no one to pay rent hence I would not get any money for my development activities,”he said. Despite even lowering the price of renting the houses still they did not bring that money he would have wished to make and still wondered what to do next. His houses were damn good and attracted anyone as they were well maintained and taken care of nut still they were not full for tenants.
“I had come to the point of putting the houses under sale as really they were not giving me any profit as most of the times I was broke keeping in mind I had a lot of activities to do like servicing my loans and other project where I expected money from my houses but this was almost impossible for a while now,”he said. Even he had sold the houses he would have did it to a more cheaper price since the condition had hit almost every person hence no one would meet his asking price for the houses. His wife would even tell him to shut down the houses and wait for the covid 19 wave to lower with time.
As time went by he heard about a traditional doctor called Dr Mugwenu who had been helping people get out of their troubles especially in this hard times. He met Dr Mugwenu and told him his woes. Business spells were casted to him and he was even surprised after a short period of time his houses were full despite the hard times and he would collect the money he was used to. Since then he had never been worried as Dr Mugwenu solved his puzzle the simplest way and that was going a traditional way.
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