A Kenyan woman recalls how she turned to be a beggar due to hard economic times

A Kenyan woman recalls how she turned to be a beggar due to hard economic times
Loice had been working as a bar attendant in Nairobi but due to covi 19 she had to be sacked by her employer as they was no money to facilitate her pay. She then went back to the drawing board and ventured into some small business of selling boiled eggs and other snacks to people she met in town. It was not the business she wanted to but was forced with the situation keeping in mind she had to feed her baby and pay her rent and now things were even worse as she had no work.
“I would hawk some boiled eggs each morning something that I never imagined one day I would do keeping in mind the business was so cumbersome and at times I get no money as people I met would despise me where most of the times I would get back home with only some few coins like ksh 200 which was not enough to feed my child and have money for my leisure,”she said. That was the only business she could do as getting another job in the bar would be a big problem since they had been reducing the number of its workers due to the covid 19 effect. She never lost hope in life and still did the business despite its challenges.
She said she could not engage in prostitution and have money just like her friends did as she really liked her life as she knew one day things would just be fine. After some weeks of selling boiled eggs she was really not getting anything from the business and she decided to beg people she met on the way some money something that was even more hard to do as people saw her as a con woman. ”I would dress neatly and with an impression to please mostly men who were most of the times willing to contribute for me as some would be attracted to me,”she said. With time the business was so cumbersome as people even were not willing to give her free money and she had to look for some ways of earning a living. She had saved some money from borrowing and decided to set up a salon just from where she had been living. She had been told of a certain traditional doctor who would help her get some business excellence and so she met Dr Mugwenu after a friend told her so. Dr Mugwenu casted business spells to her business and since then her salon developed to a huge entity where it even became a beauty parlor as she would get a lot of money. She really thanked Dr Mugwenu for the embarrassments she had been having all this time.
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