Woman who stayed 12 years in the cold after divorce

Woman who stayed 12 years in the cold after divorce finally gets her match
Milkah went through a nasty divorce that left her plagued with debts and unanswered questions. She spoke about her divorce with a smile and bits of laughter but it was not always like this for the last 12 years. She had been spending the rest of her life crying. She had been really having some good jobs and her separation with her husband had been brought about by her husband’s decision to join a church. They met in Yala and later came to Nairobi and their love brewed leading to marriage. She described her husband as the man who brought her close to God and was the good man all through until one day when he joined a populous church in the city.
She recalls having discussions with the husband who asked her to join a new church in town for a moment, she could not understand why they had to leave but she obligedshe remarks adding that the new church did not impress her right from the start. ”when we went there, ”I had my doubts,”Milkah opines adding that she knew the word of God well and disagreed with the preaching at the new church.
She talked to her husband about it but he remained adamant. Her last day at the church, she recalls was a Sunday when the pastor directed that the doors and windows be closed and congregants cough out the devil together with her two kids walked out of the church and never returned for another service. This was the beginning of a fallout with her husband who continued to go to the church, At some point her husband took ksh 27000 from their savings without telling her and bought a Tv set for the pastor. She had planned to take part of the money to pay some school fee for her children. She confronted him and the husband said he had took the money and bought some Tv set for the pastor.
One day her husband waited for her to leave home together with the kids. He packed everything and left Nairobi for Uganda where he stayed for the couple of years before returning to the country and marrying a second wife without Milkah knowing anything about it. She too decided to walk out of the marriage as she felt it was abusive at this level. She remained single for 12 years and only last year when she met this man Dr Mugwenu who listened to her woes, casted some spells to her. She got a new husband despite her age being 52 years. Her two children really likes their new dad as he is more loving and caring despite not being their biological dad.
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