Woman says she always made losses in her business not because the business was not good but due to employee’s theft

Woman says she always made losses in her business not because the business was not good but due to employee’s theft

One of the most crucial thing that one needs to consider in their business is who they deploy to run their respective businesses for these people would always determine how your business would be managed and run. To Angela business woman who owned several clothes selling shops in Nairobi theft from her employees was a major challenge in her business as she said. She had six clothes selling shops in Nairobi and so it was really difficult for her alone to manage the businesses hence she needed some handy people to assist her do manage the businesses. She said she had been thinking that her employees would be accountable in her business but she got the wrong people as they would steal from her.

“My business was strategically located at such a business oriented locations and so I had been getting vast number of customers. I had done everything to ensure all my businesses suited people hence making sales was not the problem. My problem was that I had been deploying rogue employees at my enterprises most of the times,” she said. She thought this was a problem with only one of her business but the problem had spread in all her businesses. Each particular month when it came to counting the profits from her business, things were not adding up as she said. She was each month incurring a lot of losses.

She wanted a way of solving the issue since it was pushing her some steps back while she had always been hoping to make such important strides in her businesses. Each time she would change her employees to see if things would change but even after hiring the new ones, nothing had been changing at any particular moment. With this she was referred to this man Dr Mugwenu by her close friend. She was told Dr Mugwenu would cast spells which would ensure her employees were responsible. She met this traditional doctor at his offices and she was casted the business protections spells. Dr Mugwenu assured her that her testimonial would not be shared to news websites and feeds as this would have caused some harm to her. She says since the spells were casted to her by Dr Mugwenu, she was able to account for everything in her business. She was now making some profits and had no worry that her employees would steal from her.

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