TSC List of Conditions and Teachers likely to be affected by the looming mass Transfer of Teachers

TSC Chairperson, Nancy Macharia addressing a Media press

Teachers all over the country are all smiles after the commission finally answers their prayers. This is after the unions came to an agreement with TSC.

The new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) signed by the commission and the unions has now reversed some of the transfers that separate families.

Under CBA, re-uniting and keeping families together is one of the objectives while making transfers. The commission has now made it a priority to consider transfer of couples who are teachers, where there is a vacancy, provided they check the boxes for all the requirements.

Collins Oyuu, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) secretary said that this is one of the major pluses in the conflicted non-monetary CBA.

He added that in most transfers, families have mostly suffered. In addition, he mentioned that families that had been separated earlier will now be re-united once the deal is implemented.

Below are the conditions under which a teacher will be affected;

  1. If a teacher has worked in a station for more than five years
  2. When a teacher had pressed the request to be transferred under some medical conditions certified by a medic
  3. The need for equitable distribution and optimal utilization of teachers.
  4. Availability of a teaching vacancy in the proposed station.
  5. The need for replacement
  6. The existing staffing norms which may be reviewed from time to time
  7. Other grounds that the TSC may consider necessary to warrant the transfer

General Akello Misori, the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) secretary said that re-uniting families is a major reprieve. He also added that bringing these teachers back together, with some of them facing retirement, is a good move. Some also have major health issues and bringing them to their families is a trophy move.

According to TSC, delocalization is part of the government’s move to enhance national cohesion and boost professionalism and commitment in the teaching profession.

Following the cries from the affected teachers, President Uhuru Kenyatta directed the Ministry of Education to review the TSC policy on mass transfers. “I am aware that delocalization has created some unforeseen challenges that have affected some teachers,” said the president.

TSC has promised to start mass transfer of classroom teachers soon before the end of this year. The exercise has experienced delays due to covid 19.

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