TSC issues New Criteria of Breaking a tie in the upcoming interviews

How TSC Resolve Ties During Recruitment 


Mostly when it comes to teachers, recruitment ties are expected. In this case, the selected panel should show high level of transparency and accountability when breaking the ties.




(a) Chairperson, Board of Management – Chairperson

(b) Head of the Institution – Secretary

(c) Subject Specialist – Member

(d) Parent Association (PA) Chairperson – Member

(e) TSC County Director/ Representative – Member


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N/B: The TSC Sub-County Director shall ensure that the Selection Panel is well sensitized to conduct the interview within the COVID-19 containment measures as set by the Ministry of Health or any other pandemic as may advised by the Ministry of Health from time to time.


Below are the most essential parts looked into/considered when resolving tie break.

a) Disability status of an Applicant

The teacher’s service commission plays a major role to ensure Applicants with disability are also eligible for TSC jobs. The commission came up with the policy of removing discriminatory practices to teachers with special needs enabling a favorable environment for them to secure the opportunities in the commission.


How to Determine disability in an applicant.


The teachers’ employer collaborated with the National Council for Persons with Disability (NCPWD) purposely to know the nature ,type and to what degree of the disability. Below are the necessary declaration a teacher with special needs shall make;


In the course of employment the applicant shall declare the disability that occurred

After an applicant has registered with NCPWD shall be provided with the certificate of disability that shall be checked on before acceptance.

Once registered by the NCPWD an applicant must declare their disability status within a period stipulated by the commission .

b) If the applicant has participated in Internship programme;

In the recent TSC scoresheet intern teachers were awarded 5-15 marks depending how long they have served the commission .



For an applicant to stand a high chance in securing the TSC permanent and pensionable job evidence for internship must be submitted before the panel members.


For breaking the tie evidences like;


Letter of extension ,

Offer of Internship ,

Three duly signed payslips by the principal for 2021 should be tabled before the panel especially for senior interns.

c) Teachers who had not been employed by TSC before.

This also plays a key role when breaking the tie. Applicants who have not been employed by TSC are given first priority then those who were employed earlier by the commission are considered last during vetting process.


d) Supremacy of the Academic and professional testimonials presented before the panel.

When it comes to this section a winning candidate finally will be revealed .In this case each and every applicant’s academic and professional credentials are checked well to compare the qualifications. An applicant with high qualifications takes the day .If still applicants at this level they tie the panel narrow down to KCSE mean grade then to grades in teaching subjects. Other cases considered here is KCPE marks ,teaching practice marks others can tend to go as far as checking the National ID to compare date of birth.


NOTE: Applicants Complaints and how to go about it.

It’s the mandate and responsibility of the TSC county director to ensure the selection and vetting exercise is fair ,free and transparent.



(i) Any applicant who is dissatisfied with the process should submit to the TSC County Director a written complaint immediately and send an email to the TSC Headquarters through email address: dirstaffing@tsc.go.ke not later than seven (7) days after the selection process;


ii) The TSC County Director should within seven (7) days analyze and address all

complaints raised after the selection process has been completed and promptly inform the Headquarters on the action taken;


iii) Where an applicant is dissatisfied with the decision of the TSC County Director in (ii) above, or where the complaint is made against the TSC County Director, the applicant shall appeal to the Appeals Committee on staffing functions at the TSC Headquarters.


The Appeals Committee shall investigate the allegations and take appropriate action within fourteen (14) days.



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