TSC agrees with KUCCPS to change maths grade for those joining the teaching profession

TSC agrees With KUCCPS’ New Revision On Mathematics Mean Grade For Those Joining Teaching Profession


The Teachers Service Commission is constitutionally mandated to do registration, hiring ,promoting and transferring teachers imparting basic education.


With a core aim to improve the quality of teaching ,TSC has in recent times introduced various measures ranging from training new criteria be a teacher.


As at now,the commission has already abolished the p1 certificate in favor of diploma.


This means that it is now clear that all students who want to become a teacher in primary or secondary must have at least a diploma in education.



Holders of Diploma in Education primary Option, one must obtain a minimum average grade of C, in addition to a C in Mathematics. With the new secondary option, an individual must have an average grade of C+, and a C in maths and English, and a C+ in teaching subjects.


Looking at the high admissions requirements for these courses, the Central Placement Board Service of Kenyan Universities and Colleges promised changes that would have made admission easier for students.

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Last week, the board had proposed to remove mathematics as a compulsory subject for students appearing in education courses in association with universities.


Unexpectedly,the TSC has come under fire for saying that Mathematics should be compulsory as teachers require it during assessment and evaluation of learners.


The Teachers Service Commission Quality Control Assurance and Standards Officer Dr Ruben Nathamburi said yesterday that Mathematics is important in competency based curriculum.


In a statement made ,Nathamburi said “We are saying that even at Diploma level teachers should have Mathematics because under CBC, there is a methodology called Measurement and Evaluation is a unit.”


Prof .Nathamburi also urged for consultation with more stakeholders before taking a decision.



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